Name Shoeshine
AKA Iliandov Borgia, Ben Heilie, Kenneth Hite
Nationality CAS
Metatype DWARF
Archetype SAMURAI
Birthdate Feb 28, 2054
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"Speed of lightning, roar of thunder; fighting all who'd rob or plunder."


Shoeshine is short, stocky, powerful, broad, and squat; moreso even than most dwarves, moreso even than the muscleheads. He's also young - with his unlined face, shaven head, and wide innocent eyes he can't be more than twenty if that. Thick wrists, big hands, and a jack behind his ear mean that he's only about a third of the usual pasty-faced techie dwarven stereotype. The rest is all power and deftness, living an active physical life.

Distinguishing Features

Whether he's uptown or downtown, Shoeshine commonly carries a large, well-made valise with a sturdy footrest on the side. It carries microfiber rags, cleaning supplies, repair kits, and all the things that a professional shoeshiner would have for really high-end personal service.

Mannerisms and Habits

Shoeshine is almost always bright and cheery; awake aware, and alert. He has the energy and optimism of youth behind him. It's hard to tell if it's a put on or if he's really like that or if he chooses to be that way as a defense mechanism.. or maybe as an attack plan.


Shoeshine has worked with a good number of runners and is known as a quick gun and a strong hand. On rare occasions he's been known to get jobs from the Draco Foundation - nothing earth shattering as of yet, but you don't just jump into the good stuff.


Mages and tech-savvy individuals can figure Shoeshine's wide, innocent eyes as a put-on, or at least, sufficiently technologically enhanced that they have to be just a bit larger than normal. His grace, dexterity, speed, and power also indicate wide-ranging enhancements. More than that is his martial acumen - he's is known to be one of the top boxers at the Bare Knuckle and he's won amateur shooting contests at Shooter's World (those are the ones which incorporate tactical scenarios so you have to make decisions as to whom to shoot first and whom not to shoot at all). Amongst the shadows he's known for occasionally hauling out the ol' Ingram LMG - just lugging it is one thing but when he uses it, it's like a surgeon's tool. (Roar of thunder indeed.)


Shoeshine has mentioned that he grew up in various Draco Foundation mini-arcologies and it shows in his level of education. He gives every appearance of having gone to a private high school where they actually taught stuff and he actually enjoyed learning. More than that, however, he's mentioned that his father and his father's friends taught him how to fight which might lead one to wonder who they were. Yet here he is, out on the streets, shining shoes for money and as he says, "Generally being a helpful person!"

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