Name Kristin Wolfe
AKA Shiva
Birthplace Denver, Warrens
Metatype Human
Archetype Psionic
Birthdate Feb 18, 2052
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"You reap what you sow."


There's something cold and dangerous about the woman before you, strange grey eyes appear world weary, tired, dismissive of the world around her. Her height is close to 5'8", her age around the mid-twenties, the woman appearing fit, athletic, feminine musculature toned and strong. Thick, long red hair tumbles past her shoulders, growing darker close to the roots, until her true black shows through. The woman wouldn't be described as attractive, nor the opposite, she is decidedly average in appearance, just another weary face in a sea of weary faces.

Distinguishing Features

As well as her odd grey eyes, Shiva has a tattoo of a green dragon upon her right thigh.


Her usual clothing can be seen in the image to the right, though she almost always wears a longcoat which has this appearance:


Mannerisms and Habits

Being born and raised in the Warrens, Shiva has taken to the lifestyle like a fish to water. A frequent user of drink and drugs, a disinterest in creating friendships, and a lack of formal graces, she isn't the easiest person to get along with. Being more a loner, she can often be seen with an electronic sketchpad, creating works of art of both her surroundings and the people nearby, though all follow a dark theme using enhanced shadow and weird shading.


Her past is a tale of death, rebirth, insanity and revenge. It's not something she's talked about so if you want to know more, you'll have to ask her. Good luck with that!


The Street Rats are known to associate with the woman. The Rats are a gathering of dirty young street urchins who like to poke their nose into everyones business, then transfer that information across their 'network' for resale. There is said to be a King Rat who oversees the children, but he's nothing but a rumor at present. The woman is also seen frequenting the Souk Marketplace, where she seems to know more than just the street vendors.


Having learnt her martial art in the Warrens, it's no surprise her Aikido is little more than a vague interpretation of the graceful, flowing art. Instead, her style is more brutal, focusing on bringing as much pain to the target as possible using locks, throws, punches and kicks with a speed that only heightens its deadliness. The woman also has a magic style that she calls Witchcraft, though it's anything but; she can kill you with a touch, set you on fire with a thought, cripple you with intense pain, not to mention the mind control. And if that isn't enough, she always has a shotgun at hand. A seriously dangerous individual, especially considering her damaged personality.

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