Name Lara Smith
AKA Shenzi
Nationality American
Metatype Human
Archetype Mercenary
Artwork By (Commission Him?)
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There's a mischievous danger about this one. Shenzi's hair is long, pale, pastel pink and unruly, but stylishly so. It's thick, spiked on top and hangs just past her shoulders. She has a soft skinned face home to some young, natural beauty. Her eyes are an unnatural shade of aqua blue with icy splashes around the irises that suggest they are both cybernetic. Soft pink lips very often quirk to one side so even the most mundane of expressions seem to have a cheeky air about them. As far as her body goes it's lean and muscular, built perfectly for speed and agility. She's curvy with a narrow waist, hips are not terribly wide but they fit her anatomy perfectly. Last of all behind her trails a cybernetic tail (medium) that looks like an uncovered cybernetic tail, simply displaying silvery metal vertebrae.

Distinguishing Features

Pink hair and unnaturally bright blue eyes along with a metallic medium-length tail without a cover.

Mannerisms and Habits

Almost too many to mention. She's eccentric and likes to test social boundaries. Quirky and all over the place and extremely inappropriate. She'll think nothing of removing pieces of your kitchen out of boredom.


Without wanting to give too much away, Shenzi has a slightly complex background. Her roots lie within Orktown. She's done various work ranging from being in a strip club, runs, gang runs and then eventually bodyguarding. Her story in Denver begins with a fried cranial bomb and a loss of memory.

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