Suspected Aliases

Name Alicia Michelle Pearson
SIN Status Real; Defunct
Nationality CAS
Metatype Sapiens Nobilis
Occupation Biotechnical Research
Birthdate Feb 2nd 2043
Project GSAR
Designation #0000-ZETA1322 SERAPHIM
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Physical Attributes

Height: 1.8103 meters
Weight: 65.23 kilograms
Hair: White
Eyes: Violet
Skin: Caucasian, unpigmented
Distinctive traits:
Subject is a young woman of the genus Homo Nobilis. She displays albinoid traits including pale skin, pale eyes, unpigmented hair, and severe sensitivity to light. Subject suffers from mild visual impairment and prefers to be active on cloudy days and during evenings. A full back tattoo of an Angel with a wing extending over her left shoulder blade and a stump pointing toward the right is in evidence; this is suspected to be a seditious response to the Project codename.

Mannerisms and Habits

Tendency toward hyper cleanliness and hyper attentiveness. Tends toward a sarcastic sense of humour and asocial behaviour. She requires regular maintenance doses of specific medications due to her ware, in particular a coagulant known as Warfarin-13, for which few substitutes are indicated. Subject also regularly dyes hair, applies makeup and otherwise disguises her appearance and most outstanding traits.


Family: Parents George and Alexis Pearson, estranged and living in Dallas, CAS. Sister, Alexis Henson. Resides in Denver, CAS District

Other associations appear largely defunct. She has not been in contact with school alumni or other notable figures in quite some time.


Alicia Michelle Pearson is a highly skilled biotechnician and surgeon with years of medical training. She is well versed in genetic modification, corporate policy and Shiawase trade secrets. It is a matter of record that she studied martial arts while enrolled in the SERAPHIM project.


Summarized Details: Subject Alicia Michelle Pearson is a biotechnician who attended graduate school on a Shiawase-funded scholarship program in exchange for a longterm contract. She suffered from medical complications from a number of genetic disorders including most noticeably oculocutaneous albinism. Subject volunteered to participate in the GSAR Project (Genome Stress Analysis and Reconstruction) in exchange for treatment of her symptoms. The codename assigned to her was SERAPHIM.

During this project Alicia Pearson underwent extensive biological modification, receiving approximately 800,000 nuyen in company property as well as an additional million nuyen in clinic work hours including housing fees. Due to breach of contract she also owes 150,000 nuyen in schooling expenses, and additional 500,000 for reimbursement of wages. Additionally a Breach of Contract fee in the amount of 2,000,000 nuyen applies. She is also believed to have violated her Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Unless Alicia's debt of 4,480,000 nuyen is paid and she submits to criminal proceedings for violating her contractual obligations she is to be considered a Code RED enemy of the Shiawase Corporation. Teams have been employed to ascertain her whereabouts and retrieve her for processing.

>>>>> [ She seemed nice enough... Escorted me to Sal's after I had a bit of an 'episode' at Libby's Diner, but I won't get into the details. If I were to venture a guess at why she's in Denver, I'd say she's an out-of-work actress turned Benihana chef from LA, probably hiding out in the Mile High City from the yakuza for accidentally preparing puffer fish wrong and killing an oyabun or something... ] <<<<<
-Gretchen Roth (12:52:39/02-05-75)

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