Name Serafine Adele Durand
AKA Seraf
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Adept (Covert Flavor)
Birthdate February 13th, 2046
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"I'll be…over here."


Desc: Standing at a fairly average 5'9" and bearing a none-too-remarkable frame (albeit a mildly toned one), this woman of about 24 might not immediately snag eyes from shape alone. Her skin is the mild tan of a fair-skinned individual that's spent a lot of time in the sun, yet lacks the freckles and blemished associated with such a close acquaintance with the sun; perhaps unsurprising, considering the cosmetic technologies of the day. In terms of facial features, the woman's dirt-brown eyes and straight black hair to mid-back could be derivative of any heritage, but her particular combination of longish jawline, prominent cheekbones, and a broad forehead give her away as of Euro origins (somewhere in her family tree, at least). Cosmetic additions of the moment include dark eyeliner, deep purple eyeshadow, and lipstick of an almost-black shade of purple.%R%RDressed casually, or maybe sub-casually, depending on one's standards, the woman wears plain-jane blue jeans, complete with rivets and a bit of wear from age (or some artificial process). She wears no belt with these, but depends on the relative tightness of them to keep them in place. Above the waist, she wears a pretty basic black tank top which is anything but classy, considering that it goes so far as to have an image emblazoned across the front, albeit an odd line drawing/design ( ). On her feet, she wears thin-soled, low-top black sneakers that are, once again, underwhelmingly cheap and classless. The only accessory she wears in terms of jewelry consists merely of a catseye gemstone on a thin, fine chain that looks rather goldish, even if it probably isn't, judging from the rest of what she's got on.

Distinguishing Features

None, really, but that's kinda the point.

Mannerisms and Habits

Has a tendency to sniff things, which is probably kinda odd. Also, a strong Louisiana accent that comes and goes; it's a good bet it's her natural accent.


None yet!


Good At

  • Shooting from afar.
  • Sneakiness and
  • Blowing stuff up (preferably from afar).
  • Disguise Techniques (Just don't ask me to touch you. Self only, thanks.)
  • Entertaining everyone with impeccable wit. (Not really.)

Not As Good At

  • Kicking Things
  • Shooting Things Close-up
  • Running Around
  • Application of Wallerstein's World Systems to pre-Awakening Native American/American relations. (AWWSPNAAR for short.)

Awful At

  • Heavy Weaponry
  • Intimidation
  • Getting Shot
  • Getting Punched
  • Getting Serious


In short, I'm a sniper and a sneak from New Orleans. What more do you need to know?

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