Name Henry W'Kett Smith
AKA Sequoia, Thunderbird, Redwood, Old One
Nationality Sinsearach Tribe
Metatype Elf
Archetype Shaman
Birthdate October 30th
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"Hate is a poison for the body and soul: but it is my poison, and an old friend."


This handsome native man stands right at seven feet tall, an imposing figure with broad shoulders in an otherwise lithe frame. His deep golden eyes are mesmerizing, and his bushy eyebrows augment the bird-like intensity of his gaze. His thick black hair is shaggy and long, cascading down to mid-back. His features are handsome, perfectly formed, a deep burnished bronze, almost coppery, with a strong chin and a proud nose. His long ears slope back against his head, their pointed tips often lost in his long hair.

Distinguishing Features

Golden eyes; when his shirt is off, gold and violet downy feathers running down his spine.

Mannerisms and Habits

Prone to staring and sudden silences.


Has been seen in Jaya's salon and interacting with the Runner called 'Rowan.' Seems to have an odd friendship with a bird woman.


Capable with stealth and firearms, keen senses.

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