Name Selene
AKA Raven
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Eelf
Archetype Shaman
Birthdate Nov 10 2047
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"So.. you're saying, that cause being a prick is a masculine trait, and daddy was especially a prick, that I'm attracted to guys who're pricks? But not nice.. or seemingly nice guys, like that dude over there?"


Waifish with a penchant for Victorian vampire chic might be one simple description. She is tall, about 5'9", and her skin is extremely pale. Storm gray eyes are lined in dark black khol, Cleopatra style. Her lips are painted a deep blood colored shade of maroon. She has long jet black hair extending in a glossy curtain to her waist.

Distinguishing Features

Black Clothes, red lips, white skin. Talks to the invisible.

Mannerisms and Habits

When not working, she likes to play the coquettish femme fatale, hanging on the arms of handsome men, drinking expensive wine, snorting designer drugs.

But when she works, she is deadly serious and brokers no fools, generally cautious with a preference for stealth or jedi mind tricks over brute force.


Before she disappeared, she was seen as often with the glitterati as the rougher shadow-running crowd, including Joey and Pauly Lucciano - Joey being the rougher, and Pauly the glitter. She was often at the Fist Full of Silver before it's demise at the hands of law enforcement.

While she was gone, rumors abounded about what might have happened including one that the washed up boxer she used to date finally snapped and broke her neck. Those rumors have proven unfounded. For now.


People who have worked with her say she is a shaman of considerable ability, but rarely seen walking under the open sky on a sunny day.


She has been in Denver a few years now, to all outward appearances doing very little other than couch surfing. Once, she had the reputation of being quite sweet, little wet behind the ears. But something happened along the way. Before she disappeared she'd been alternately described as beautiful and generous or psychotic, highly intelligent and efficient or a loose cannon.

Selene disappeared into thin air sometime last year and has only recently returned, so far, keeping a fairly low profile and only working with close associates.

It looks like the witch is back, and she appears to be as strong or stronger than ever. There are even rumors that she's gonna marry that washed up boxer.


>>>>> [ On our first date I shot you in the head. What do you want to do for our second? ] <<<<<
-Nacht (23:35:01/02-13-70)

>>>> [ If you want that second date, you better ask quick. I got an offer to become an honest woman. ] <<<<<
- Raven (17:30:17/03-25-70)

>>>>> [ Naw. Honest women do stupid things, like tell their lovers the truth. If I was interested in THE TRUTH, I'd join whatever church hit my doorstep that day. I just want to slot you till you bleed then leave you broken, sticky, confused and wet on your doorstep. ] <<<<<<
-Nacht (07:25:01/05-05-70)

>>>>> [Called himself the champ? Man, he's the once and future king of the ring, the ending and the beginning, the man... oh, sorry, this ain't his page. Yeah, she used to hook up with him regular. She's still one of the only people he trusts... if she's still alive. Pretty as a flower, but this flower's deadly, bucko. It can burn you, zap you, or just strike you dead. Well worth the top-yen prices she commands in a run.] <<<<<
-Reed (23:36:01/02-13-70)

>>>>> [Quite the fun gal, once you get past the Deadly exterior. I'll always remember the boat trip we took off the coast. She almost got a tan! ;)]<<<<<
-Tinman (13:38:01/02-14-70)

>>>>> [Beyond being fun, which I believe is already covered here, she is strikingly intelligent. The free spirit at heart exterior serves as a great guile for the mental prowess beneath.]<<<<<
-Aquis (03:38:01/03-16-70)

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