Name Sarah Lorien Watson
AKA Watson; Watty
Nationality UCAS, Buffalo New York
Metatype Elf
Archetype Retired Samurai
Birthdate October 21, 2030
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«Stutter edited out» "You think you like me… because I'm wounded. I'm like… like a little lost puppy dog and you think you can save me. Well, you wouldn't like me if you -knew- me… if you -really- knew me… the way -I- know me."


Sarah Watson is a hauntingly beautiful elven woman. She stands well over six foot tall with long legs, flawless skin and a near-perfect figure. Long black hair, mixed with small but noticeable shocks of white hide her face from view much of the time and she rarely pulls it back. Her eyes are the kind of black that catches the light, making them sparkle. Though she's thin, she looks like she's very strong.

Distinguishing Features

Her body trembles all the time, no matter what the weather, her physical or mental condition might be. The constant shivering might increase or decrease depending on the circumstances but it's always noticebale and never goes away. She also stutters when she speaks, making it hard to understand her sometimes. She moves with a kind of awkward grace as though she has good control over her higher motor functions, but is distracted enough to still be clumsy.

Mannerisms and Habits

She's the proverbial drama-queen to those who know her. It's rare to see her at a time when she's not depressed, exhausted or complaining of something in some way. Moreover, she's known to have chronic stomach and sinus problems. When stressed, she often goes into an over-emotional state, and it's not uncommon to witness her throwing a tantrom or breaking down into tears. It's given her a poor reputation, boardering on cowardice; though some say that when it's truly important, she has the willpower to control herself.

Where her willpower sometimes breaks is with her drinking. Those who know her know well know that she struggles with a severe alcohal addiction. She is very strong willed and will sometimes go months without a drink; but without fail, she always falls off the wagon. When she's drinking, she seems to be a lot more fun and a lot less depressed — until she gets herself sick.


Sarah Watson has no known official associations; all contact with her seems to be on a generally personal level. She can be found at bars and coffee shots in Denver, prowling the streets, or with her friends.


She claims to have been a mechanic a long time ago, but her trembling has forced her to retire from that profession. She doesn't speak much about what she does to make money, but she's admitted to enough people that she collects welfare. What has been witnessed on several occassions is that she is very apt at fighting, claiming a 7th degree black belt in karate.


Sarah is very secretive about her background but she's confided in enough people certain things about herself, that the following rumors are currently circulating about her:

She's from Buffalo originally, but left shortly after being horribly wounded in a race riot. Some rumors suggest that this is the root of her obvious emotional problems.

She spent ten years in Seattle and at one time was a mechanic and enforcer for the go-gang The Ancients. About 10 years ago, she was foribly ejected from the gang due to personal conflicts with the leadership at the time.

Some have murmored that she's wracked with nightmares and has been heard screaming in her sleep at any of the flop houses she resides at.

Even deeper into the rumor mill, there are those who have heard her mention she once had a child. What happened to this child is unknown to the general public.

As pretty as she is, she never has a boyfriend, though some have suggested she has a crush on the current owner of the Bare Knuckle Gym. She can be found at this gym regularly, and seems to tend to a brutal workout routine. If asked, she'll state that she needs to wear herself out or she won't sleep at night.

At one time, her body was covered in horrible scars. They have recently been removed.

She's sometimes heard suggesting that when she was a teenager, she was so beautiful she could have been mistaken for an angel. Apparenltly, she "got around" a lot in her teen years, even having relations with men twice her age; she claims to have destroyed a family or two with her poor behavior.

>>>>> [ Make no mistake. This girl can fight and fight hard. Yet another of the women that have been romantically linked to the Pulse, she's never failed to give him a workout: word is, she can always tease a smile from his face. Still... they, too, seem to be at ends, as he ain't been seen cuddling up to her in a long while.] <<<<<
-BoxingFan (12:55:02/02-09-70)

>>>>> [ If she's so tough, how come every time I see her get into a fight, it ends with her curled up on her side in the fetal position crying like a school girl with a skinned knee? That her secret move or something?] <<<<<
- Rat Girl (11:42:55/02-27-70)

>>>>> [ Take what she took and we talk again, Rat Girl. I wish you nice nightmares. Another bit of advice, never mistake outward appearances with weakness. I know her quite well and I'll trust her my life any day. And that of my kids.] <<<<<

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