Name Sara
AKA Magic Girl
Nationality UCAS Born and Raised
Metatype ELF
Archetype Mage
Birthdate Unknown
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The first thing that stands out on this elven women is her hair. It's pure white. Even her roots are pure white, hinting that this isn't a dye but her natural hair. Her hair reaches down her back, or over her shoulder, and is usually done in an glamous braiding. If it wasn't for her pinkish skin tone, and light crisp blue eyes, she would almost pass for an albino. Her skin, pinkish tone is clear and she is obviously still rather young, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She is typical height for an elven women, around 6'0" tall and very slender. Her body curves flow, neither extremely busty nor is she flat, and she appears to be around 120 lbs. Her facial features are obviously elven with high cheek bones, wide open eyes, narrow chin, and pointy ears.

Distinguishing Features

Pure white hair.

Mannerisms and Habits

She is very quiet, and speaks only really when spoken to.


Bigg Security, Lucciano Crew


Little is spoken about Sara


Sara just appeared on the Denver grid several months ago. She was quickly associated with the Lucciano Crew and Bigg Security.

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