The Sage
Name "John Freeman"
AKA (The) Sage
Nationality Suspected UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Face/Disguises
Birthdate Sometime in May
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"Yesterday upon the stair / I met a man who wasn't there."

"He wasn't there again today / I think he's from the C.I.A. …"


"If there's a bright center to the galaxy, you're on the planet that's furthest from."
—Luke Skywalker

Much like the young man quoted above, the individual known as the Sage is hardly noteworthy… while handsome, it's not head-turning attractiveness by any means.

Distinguishing Features

The Sage affects no distinguishing features… no tattoos, no gang scars, nothing but smooth unblemished skin on his face and visible parts of his body.

Mannerisms and Habits

The Sage is known for wearing silk suits of such colors as burgundy and plum — colors other than those worn by your typical corporate sarariman.


The Sage is known to be a member of the Humanis Policlub. While the Humanis - Alamos 20K - Unity connection is still being debated, it should be noted that the Sage has never been known to behave openly bigoted against people of other races. He chooses, instead, to adopt a pro-human stance. Also, the Sage has been spotted in association with former and current members of the Central Intelligence Agency, including the former agent Geist.


The Sage will be the first to note that he is a face — not a fixer. He is highly adept at interpersonal maneuvering and social engineering. A skillwire system makes him quite adept at any other field he chooses, though he doesn't have reflex enhancement 'ware or any sort of armor/toughening system that would make him more capable as a street samurai. He also shows great promise as a field leader.


PASSWORD: **********
> upload
Okay. This is what we have on this chummer. It ain't much. We know he was once CIA, since he's got that Librarian tech in him. (Those of you reading this who don't know, the Librarian program is the CIA's way of supplying technical skills to its field agents. Just have a skillwires user download from a library of skillchips and your field agent has someone who can handle the ins and outs of sailing a boat, or flying a heli, or fixing someone's car to blow when needed.) Any way, records don't show a 'John Freeman' as a member of the CIA, so it's obviously an alias. But available records do show the arrest of one of their Librarians about five years ago, and his subsequent escape. Apparently said Librarian knew martial arts. Who'da thunk? Usually they're worthless without their Library.

So this chummer arrived in Denver a few years back. Since then he's been seen all over the place, at least by eyewitnesses. No video records of him whatsoever. Analysis shows that Freeman likes to maintain separate personas as disguises to allow him to blend into various social circles. We know he's into the shadow scene in the UCAS and CAS sectors. We don't have firm evidence, but we believe he's the true identity behind at least seven people we've been watching. No wonder we couldn't drag up anything on them.

With all the identity switching he's done, it's a wonder there's a datatrace at all. This is why we have so little on him; it's hard to monitor someone who goes into a facility as one person, and emerges as another.

>>>> [Not nice, boys. Now someone's going to have to take steps to curtail your eavesdropping.] <<<<<
-The Sage

>>>> [Oh come on, Sage. The kids gotta eat too. And it's not like you ever do enough to have this information be useful to anyone. Hell, I work far more than you and I'm a retired geriatric.] <<<<<

>>>>> [Geez, they let anyone post these days. Go back to your retirement home, Geist. Let your two floozies 'handle' your cares.]<<<<<
- The Sage

>>>> [My Floozies? I have floozies? No one told me this. I shall have to investigate this charge. ] <<<<<

>>>>> [Chummer of mine discovered more about this guy in a datafile dump straight out of the Central Intelligence Agency. Turns out his name's John Freeman, listed as a former researcher for the CIA. //Which// CIA is anyone's guess. And where he came up with extensive knowledge of so-called 'Ninjitsu' martial arts is anyone's guess; they don't teach researchers methods of stealth assassin strikes, but it's possible he could have learned it from a Matrix tutor, these days. He's also a card-carrying member of the Humanis Policlub. ] <<<<<

>>>>> [Humanis scum!] <<<<<

>>>>> [Racism comes in all flavors, chummers. Freeman has never been linked to any form of bigotry. He's less anti-metahuman and more pro-human.] <<<<<

>>>>> [Still scum.] <<<<<

(>) Freeman went off the radar in the FRFZ for a number of years. It's known that he was recalled by his superiors for whatever Agency
he was a part of. Why he's returned is anyone's guess, but rumor is that he has some kind of dependent living with him -- his kid.
(>) Blarneystone

(>) Why all the sudden interest about me? Denver is a good place to live and work, if you're ex-Intelligence with contacts
in government.
(>) John Freeman

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