Name Oswald Tyrdan
AKA Rush, Darren Patrick Oswald
Nationality Calfree
Metatype Elf
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate Feb 1, 1880
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"A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?" - Albert Einstein


This skinny male has bio-modded himself to look like a bat, and one of the weird ones, to boot. Huge ears jut out of his short, curly brown hair, while grey-purple eyes are set above a large, leaf-shaped nose. The youth's neck is invisible under a coat of excessively fluffy fur, though he does choose to adorn it with a large, spiked collar. In fact, his whole body is covered by dark brown fur, patterned sparsely with chunky white and cream stripes. His arms are his strangest feature, to be sure. Long and skinny, they are connected to membranous tissue, making them look like wings. His hands, too, are fused into these wings, though his thumb is free and bio-engineering has made everything flexible enough to still function with dexterity.

Distinguishing Features

Biogenetically modified to look like a Jamaican Fruit Bat
Huge bat ears
Leaf-shaped nose
Wing arms
T-shirts with logos
Smells like freshly laundered clothes

Mannerisms and Habits

Unmedicated OCD
Taps out number patterns on his fingers like he's playing piano
Sometimes recites a sing-song version of the periodic table of elements
Usually playing with some sort of puzzle (phone app, twist ring, crossword, rubics cube)
Novacoke addict
Often stir-crazy
Adrenaline junkie
Snarky with little regard for authority


No known associations as of yet.


Working with and taking apart electronics
Incredibly fast reaction time
Expert at dual-wielding guns
Demolitions knowledge
Extremely alert


It's theorized that Rush is just another crazy person who fell through the cracks of society, either unwilling or unable to get help. Unfit for wageslave work, he must've gotten lucky and made some connections in the shadows early on, working his way up to get where he is today.

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