Name Kelris Dweyhell
AKA Rowan, Robert Dolan
Nationality Sioux
Metatype Human
Archetype Medic
Birthdate 2046
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"I… think I explained that I only recently started doing wetwork again. Today, Skitter got shot instead of me getting shot, so he's my brother now although he still irritates me. And then I heard the howl of a barghest, and then I made eye-contact with it, and then El Cocodrillo ate it, and then we left. And then I took a shower…"


With broad shoulders and a wide, barrel chest, this man's thick frame betrays his average height in creating the illusion he's shorter than others his size. The redman's facial features are masculine with a strong, squared jaw; high, broad cheekbones; and deepset eyes of a low, intelligent, smiling green that enhance his confident, easy demeanor as with his intense laugh-lines. Black hair falls around his shoulders — uneven, but clean — in no particular style of cut.

Veiling a majority of the upper body, and a portion of the lower is a deep-black colored Mortimer greatcoat, lovingly battered and cared for; generally clean, but riddled with repaired rips, holes and cuts sustained from what would have to be more than a single generation of use. A number of beaded strands of braided senew — including a single reddened-leather medicine bag — hang half-tucked into the neck of his collar. Dark red faux-canvas material makes up a large, oblong rucksack that generally hangs at his left hip from his shoulder by a long strap, the main body and outer pockets buldging from a clutter of contents. The metal plates on the toes of his boots are lacquered black to match the leather, rendering them discreet to at least the glancing eye.

Distinguishing Features

Immense shoulder & chest breadth. Intricate tribal designs cover both hands and forearms. Whether working or civilian-face, almost always has a red rucksack hanging from one shoulder full of gear. Greatcoat is old and if the collar is ever unfolded, red stitching reads "Blindcrow". He doesn't throw any of his weight around, moving his large frame with finesse somewhat uncharacteristic of someone of his size.

Mannerisms and Habits

Rowan tends to smile often and laugh genuinely regardless of the circumstances. He tends to be quite friendly. He is sometimes quiet and watchful, and other times energetic and jovial.


Rowan tends to frequent a middle-ground between seedy and high-class atmospheres when in public on his own terms, visiting places like the Red Rock Diner, cafes and certain Mage-Bars. He is well acquainted with Smoke, and he was a frequent assistant of Nine's for performing surgery.


Rowan tends to volunteer into any combative role out of self-confidence regardless of the fact that he lacks the edge of implants. He is capable of stepping into and falling out of squad leadership as needed, and he is an expert field medic. He has experience with long-ranged marksmanship but has voiced that he is "trying to get away from that."

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