Name Buford T. Beauchampe
AKA Rooster
Nationality CAS
Metatype ORK
Archetype SAMURAI
Birthdate Feb 22, 2050
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"A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep."


You see an Ork male who appears to be in his mid twenties. He stands around six foot four, and weighs a trim three hundred pounds. Most striking of his features is an artfully coiffed pompadour that bulges out over his forehead then evenly recedes to a fade that reduces his hair to stubble an inch above his ears and at the base of his skull at the back. This stubble continues down his temples, then begins to thicken again down along his upper jaw, ending as mutton chops mid cheek. A pair of large, but thin, caulliflowered-and-pointed ears stand guard on either side of the hairdo. The hair of his eyebrows is whispy and light, in comparrison to the jet black of his bouffant, and one eyebrow always appears to be swollen, making that eyebrow appear higher than the other. His nose is lumpy and uneven, likely from frequent abuse, and a pair of very thick tusks jut from his lower lip, making a perfect seal impossible, so that when he breathes a slight whistle might be heard. His eyes lack pigment, making them appear reddish pink, but his leathery skin always appears to have a heavy tan. Carbunkles on either side of his face form where the thick stubble of his muttonchops end.

Rooster wears a heavy black suede jacket that seems to have seen rough use. The cuffs, which are unbuttoned and rolled back, and the collar, which is always popped up, are both a lighter grey color with black stitching on the inside in whorling patterns. Across the back, red and white rhinestones have been added to form a word in cursive writing: Rooster. The jacket is unzipped and beneath is a crisp white button down shirt, which is unbuttoned nearly to his belly, revealing a patch of heavy, course, black chest hair. He wears a pair of loose, but not baggy, synth-leather pants, and a pair of black leather engineers boots on his feet.

This ork usually wears a neutral grim expression. A toothpick is everpresent between his large tusks, and he manipulates it alternately, and obsessively, with his tongue, lips, or fingers. He moves with an unnatural smoothness, each motion seeming to have been calculated to lead into the next. He is always moving, his left hand never seeming comfortable in it's current position, and his right frequently toying with the toothpick. Occasionally, if he is seen stopping to talk, he begins to shiver as if cold.

Distinguishing Features

Obsessively maintained pompadour, mutton chops, and a personalized jacket.

Mannerisms and Habits




Nine Ball, Straight Pool, Snooker, True Form: Machismo Elemental, Long walks on the Beach, Smuggling, Impromptu Fireworks Arrangement, Dancing, and just looking damn good.


Buford T. Beauchampe has an extensive criminal record going back to adolescence, and fancies himself something of an anti-establishment, pro-ork insurrectionist. As long as insurrection involves money, fast cars, fancy guns, and personal status.

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