Name Rooks
AKA No Known Aliases
Nationality Polynesia
Metatype Elf
Archetype Face
Birthdate Jan 13, 2048
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"I can dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with bullshit. I just find more people believe bullshit."


6'1". Brown hair, hazel eyes, pointy ears.

Distinguishing Features

Silver framed sunglasses with light blue lenses

Mannerisms and Habits

ESTP type on the Myers Briggs personality test, Choleric Sanguine in Keirsey's temperament theory. Very action oriented, tends to act before they think but generally has good people handling skills. Tends to be oblivious of authority, of rules and procedures, instead choosing to act on a situation and deal with it without seeing how it might end up. Can have a short attention span unless interested, thus usually has many actions on the go. Very flexible and adaptable in situations, but has a realistic view of situations. Is not out to save the world, just to live in it and have fun doing it. Tends to be loose with money, taking risks in investments and gambling but does know where his limits are. Tends to enjoy living comfortably, but has no problems with roughing it when needed.


None known at this time.


Medically trained, decking skills, high social manipulation abilities, has a left hand take on right hand situations.


OOC Information, GMs can use this for Plots or Scenes

Rooks is a sleeper agent for Argus, an intelligence agency. He was a German youth who was brought into a special project by ARGUS and had a new personality implanted into him, ware added and other special programming added and then sent to Denver.

He has a visual and auditory trigger to get implanted with new orders, similar to the idea of the Manchurian Candidate. He is not consciously aware of the commands, and the orders may lie dormant for a time before triggering. Once the task is triggered based on the commands, he will attempt to carry out his mission and will not have a conscious will to stop himself during this time. Once the task is complete, he will regain control with no memory of the events that happened before. This can lead to some interesting scenarios where he wakes up in strange places if he was not commanded to return home. Most orders would include some sort of 'clean up' or at least ditching of evidence, so ARGUS can make sure their agent is not compromised (however, a GM can take some liberties with this).


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>>> [Rooks knows something about everything, and I mean everything. Ever try to figure out something that requires knowing ancient Egytpian hieroglyphs and how the wiring of a bike might connect? He's your guy.]
- Judge (13:50:12/21-04-2080)
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