Shadow Profile for Rip

Name Donald Ripley
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Doctor?
Birthdate In the Past
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"You look tired. Have a laydown on this gurney."


Human, as is obvious, though tall at almost two meters and bulky. Short brown hair greased down on his head and parted on the left, leaving a curl of hair to rest on his forehead. Blue eyes peer out over half-rimmed glasses, resting low on his large nose. His cheeks and strong chin are covered with a constant five o'clock shadow. Shoulders are wide width, leading down to an defined chest and thick waist, though not from fat. Legs are long as would be with one his height.

A white button-up shirt - slightly yellowed with age - covers his torso and currently straining at the buttons as if a size too small, tucked neatly into a pair of dark grey slacks that show just a bit of wrinkling from being too long without an ironing. Tall black leather boots cover his feet, coming halfway up his shin and sealed with a few black leather buckles, all gleaming with a dull shine. Occasionaly he'll be wearing a white leather overcoat, the center few buttons done up while leaving his legs room to run if needed while the shoulder seams occasionally creak from the strain of barely hidden muscles.

Distinguishing Features

He looks bulked up like some trolls, possibly from recent surgery.

Mannerisms and Habits

Cold, calculating. Does not suffer the slow of wit or weak of heart.

>>>>> [That bastard cut off my hand just because I was getting paid good cred to watch some stupid corper drone! Course, he could have killed me just as easily as he did the other six guys in the building, but I will get that bastard back eventually!] <<<<<
-Slapnot (10:56:22 2/15/70)

>>>>> [Pretty silent for a guy that's supposed to be a doctor. And don't even get me started on the mess that Bonesaw of his makes...*mental shudder*] <<<<<
- Bashcrash (16:13:32 01/09/71)

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