Name Julie Robson
AKA Riga
Nationality UCAS
Metatype TROLL
Archetype EX-GANGER
Birthdate unknown
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"Ya point. I shoot it. Ya point again. I smash it."


Huge, chubby and covered in scars and Tattoo's is waht catches the eye. Her blonde pink Mohawk not really improving matter much more. Another feature are her even for trolls huge breasts.
She usually dresses in street leathers and a street styled secure coat.

Distinguishing Features

Many Tattoo's

Mannerisms and Habits

Heavy 'Rens street slang




Known to be dual wielding a pair of Katana's she calls Sally and Sheila.
Other than that she seems to be quite versed in unarmed combat as well as SMG's wielding a damn mean pair of HK 227's.


Grown up on the streets, Riga rose above average ganger level and is now hiring out her skills to those who need troll muscle.

Preferred Run Types:

You want to know what Riga's good in or has no idea of? have a look here and you will be into her mindset


Riga will kill, if she finds the pay well enough and the cause seems good. So far she is still trying to find her place in life and the killing she did during the various gang wars she survived had been enough of random violence for her.

Bodyguard/Security Duty:

This kind of jobs is well suited for Riga and bei it only for the reason that many people would think twice to attacksomeone guarded by a troll. She is willing to go to extremes if the target seem worthy in her eyes, else she will just do a good job.


Not really the ideal mission for Riga. She migth be called in as support, gun shield or weight lifter, but her focus is on combat. Not stealth or Security stuff.

Courier Run:

Riga would be decent in that kind of job. she'd just do her delivery, using her tank-like feature to best ability. Or serve as support to pretect the real courier.


Trix? Wassat?


What can be more distracting than 300 kilo of chubby troll causing mayhem?


Lacking proper 'Demolition' skills but being a troll, this would be suitable if either protecting the real Demolitions team or the use of sheer force was looked for.


Riga never had to lear proper 'intimidation' skills other than being 300 kilo of troll wielding to nasty Katanas.


Frag, that's electron riders stuff.


Ya pay I grab da guy.


Wassit ya have wid dat compy stuff?


Have Riga hit stuff, have Riga shoot stuff. If she has to investigate, she'll do her best, but honestly, she is a bit blunt in her ways to do that.
("Ya seen dat guy?" "Okay, chummer, ya tell me where <insert name here> is or we try ter see how ya feel with broken fingers.")

Smuggling Run:

Again, Riga's subtlety ends at about her sheathing her swords and packing stuff away if the area a job takes place in is not too recipient on that kind of stuff. But smuggling decent ammounts of items will probably simply fail on her lack of suitable transport skills. Unless she is just hired as support this is not really her kind of mission.


Riga is able to 'find' things people 'forgot' to give back. But she is a city gal, take her out of the city and she get uncomfortable. If a job requires it, she will still do. Nobody said you would need to like the work that earns you the cash for the next month of rent.

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