Name Artemis Van Sant
AKA Reign, Constance, Mary Sue
Nationality Ares, North America
Metatype ELF
Archetype Fixer
Birthdate May 21, 2029
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"Sure. I can get it. But it's going to cost you, honey."


An elven woman of uncommon beauty. She stands out in a crowd and unless she's careful she stops traffic. She's about mere 175cm tall, short for her race and maybe weighs 61kg if you dunked her in a pond with her pockets full of rocks. Her thick black hair lays to the middle of her back with ringlets, waves and curls and dark brown eyes. Her skin stands on the pale side of caucasian.

Distinguishing Features

Haunting eyes
Pale skin

Mannerisms and Habits

Polite, well kept and manicured.
Gets bored easily


Dozens, though none known to the general populace


Finding hard to find gear.
Hiring hard to find talent


Born and raised in an Ares arcology. Went to Harvard to study UCAS Law and Yale to study Psychology and Sociology. Spent years as a criminal defense lawyer and then years as a therapist after Law began to grate on her nerves. She's traveled the world and the seven seas, now she has her sights set on Denver and it's money making opportunities.


Reign? Well assuming you mean as in 'to rule' rather than 'to sprinkle' or 'short for Lorraine'? Yeah. I ain't heard nuthin' bad about her. What I've heard is that she's slightly polite, just a little friendly, a bit dependable and just a little charming. I mean, she's green as hell. But overall, she's not a bad sort at all. That's all I know
Dependable: 1 Charming: 2 Friendly: 2
Friendly: 4 Unbalanced: 1 Polite: 1

Total Rep: 6 points (+6 net positive)

>>>>> [ Reign can get you what you want. She has connections. She gets it done, extremely dependable ] <<<<<

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