Name Electra Annette Oviroa
AKA Raine, Faye, Rogue
Nationality Tir National Originally | Currently a UCAS Immigrant
Metatype ELF
Archetype GunFace
Birthdate Apr 30, 2039
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"Guns are only tools, tools are only as good as the person using them."


Tall, Athletic, Tan-skined and downright gorgeous by most standards…but then most Elves are. This one though, puts off an "air" about her that screams to power, experience, to having seen things and been places. That confidence is present in her walk and her talk and her entire body language.

Her hair falls in long ruler straight lines down to the middle of he back. Raven-black and highlighted with midnight-blue streaks, it frames her soft and round face and the features on it well. Her eyes a deep emerald green, surrounded by thin lines of dark eye shadow and eyeliner that make those eyes /pop/ and draw attention to them. Her lips show no signs of makeup, they're pink and perfect as they are. One single eye-brow piercing over her right eye holds in place a dangling little golden chain with tiny little emerald gems. The chain itself disappears in to her hair. Upon her pointed elven ears, a few small singular ear piercings.

Distinguishing Features

When seen with little or no clothing, or clothing that shows a good deal of skin, her most distinguishing features are the numerous tattoo's that adorn her tan skin body. The typical tank top, and low rise jeans outfit that is customary for her daily wear, shows the tattoo's that are on her right and left upper arms. And spinets of a large tattoo on her back and one that seems to cover the right side of her lower torso and hip. Another UCAS Special forces tattoo is also on her right upper arm.

Mannerisms and Habits

At one time, Faye was a very distrusting individual. Some would have called her paranoid and been very much right. However, times and people change. Faye's no longer that type of person, she's grown, adapted, and returned to being that powerful woman, and that soldier she always wanted to be.


Current Associations are mostly, rumors. Places she has been seen follow,

  • McGinty's Bar
  • Cybered Arms
  • The Mustang Ranch
  • Bare Knuckle Gym
  • Cool Cat Club
  • Kit-Kat Cafe

Accepted Mission Types

  • Wetwork - Only takes wetwork jobs against known criminal elements
  • Demolitions
  • Extraction
  • Physical Reconnaissance
  • Infiltration


Trained and highly skilled in the use of multiple firearms classes that include assault rifles, sniper rifles, light and heavy pistols.
Trained and skilled in Demolitions.
Trained in Interrogation and Intimidation tactics and techniques.
Trained in multiple hand to hand combat forms, from street brawling to Carromeleg to Wu'Shu.
Trained in the use of edged weapons.
Trained in Psychology, Acting, Negotiation techniques, and standard Social Interaction Tac-Ops


Electra Annette Ovi'roa, as those that know her by her real name, was born in the Land of Promise on the 30th of April 2039. Those who have attempted to dig up any information on Miss Ovi'roa will find out several interesting facts in her background. Besides being born to wealthy and influential parents, both of which were of Ducal rank, young Electra was a girl that was always fascinated with the world outside the Tir. As she grew up, Electra was sent to the best schools that money could buy. Given the chance to be one of the few Elven children to have grown up in an Elven school in the Tir that taught Sperethiel to the young children attending school there. Though Electra's curiosity always got the better of her.

As she grew, this curiosity became an issue between her and her parents. Finally resulting in a break down in the family and their relationship and Electra choosing to leave the Tir. Electra traveled the North American area for some time before ending up some where in the UCAS. Young Electra applied for UCAS citizenship and was accepted, a surprise to her at the time.

Her next move was to apply to the UCAS Armed Forces, the Army. Also, surprisingly to her, she was accepted. It was difficult for her, being not a only an Elf, but a Woman. The training was harsh, and even harsher on her. Though she succeeded and excelled at her new chosen profession. Though all records of Miss Ovi'roa's military time stop after her graduation from boot camp. There is a large blank area before, she shows up on the grid in Denver.

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