Name Prudence
AKA Charity Faith, Oh God It's Her RUN!
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Adept
Birthdate Yes.
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"An eye for an eye might make the whole world blind, but better blind than a coward, omae."


The woman is in her early twenties, and the first thing most people notice about her, is her hair. Bright orange and down to her shoulders, carrot-colored locks which tend to draw the eye. Which is good, because aside from her hair, she's not really much to look at.

A nose that's too big, and probably been broken in the past. Her lips are thick and her ears are heavily pierced, a half dozen stainless steel rings through each. The woman is wearing a long grey coat which has been through rather a lot, tattered and ragged around the edges. The fact it is closed tight across her chest helps hide any appreciable build she might have.

The bottoms of faded blue jeans are visible, though, and her feet are more well protected than many. Because her feet are held in a pair of boots that look like they were forged more than anything else. Heavy thick leather buried somewhere underneath masses of steel plating and studs. A red arrow rolls down the top of each boot, with three simple words engraved on the toecaps.

~Insert Ass Here~

Distinguishing Features

*Bright orange hair
*Kick-ass boots
*Gold-plated Shotgun with Justice engraved down the barrel
*Silver-plated short-barrelled shotgun with Faith engraved down the barrel

Mannerisms and Habits

*Claims to be a Christian. Though there's never any more detail than that given.
*Is not afraid to resort to lethal force first.


*Has links with almost all organized crime families in Denver, as a former purveyor of women on behalf of the Sinner's gang.
*Is a noted enemy of the Sinner's gang, as she was loyal to Bridget, and hates Sister Sinister and those people loyal to her.


*General Criminal Behaviour


Publicly known info is pretty simple.

Prudence grew up in the Sinner's gang, loyal to Bridget and used for her magical talent. She was an enforcer, escort, and general badass.

When Bridget was killed, she was outside of Sinner's territory, on the way back from making a delivery to the Yakuza. One of her friends in the gang warned her about the power change, and that if she came back, she'd be killed.

She did not come back. She is not yet dead.

Prudence's Code

Like many Adepts, Prudence hones her power through strict discipline and self control. Her personal code is based largely on the four Cardinal Virtues which make up the basis of morality, though she also rejects the three Theological Virtues on similar grounds. The code and philosophy is laid out here.

1) Prudence - The ability to judge between actions and act appropriately to the situation. Do not use too much or too little force. Do not over or under respond. Prudence considers this the most important cornerstone of her philosophy, because this Virtue is the mark between a professional and an amateur. It also preaches restraint. Waiting for the moment to be right to enact revenge, for instance, is a matter of gauging appropriateness. In all things, Prudence strives to be … prudent.

2) Justice - Justice has nothing to do with Law. Not even a little bit. Acting in a Just way is pursuing a regulation between your own rights and interests, and the rights and interests of others. This is an unyielding dedication to pursuing her own, personal justice. It is the duty of each individual person to pursue justice for themselves; not necessarily her purpose to take justice for them. What this essentially boils down to is the principle that she should get her due, and should not let people get away with screwing her over. Likewise, she should act with honour, and should not screw over people to whom she gives her word.

3) Temperance - Avoiding overindulgence in luxuries. This is something she has traditionally struggled with, but she tries not to throw her cash around when she gets it, and she tries not to eat or drink too much. She avoids drugs and alcohol (and not just because of the potential danger it poses to her magical development). But she also tries to avoid overindulgence in more common social vices; like sex, or music. But it isn't about rejecting these things in their entirety. It is more challenging to keep a balance, and that is what she's after. She largely does this by trying to match each hour of relaxation time with an hour of personal training. This is not always possible, however. She is only human.

4) Fortitude - Don't back down just because things get tough. Prudence firmly believes that if you aren't willing to see something through to the bitter end, you shouldn't start it in the first place. This doesn't mean that you throw caution to the wind and fight against overwhelming odds all the time. What it does mean is that you don't avoid your duties just because they are demanding. So you might retreat from a situation that has become untenable, but, if possible, you'll do everything you can to come back another day. Nevertheless, there is some conflict between the demands this belief places on her, and the demands of prudence. But that's where personal judgement comes in.

Now, why reject the Theological Virtues?

1) Faith - Prudence does have faith in an overarching greater power. She also has a faith in her own abilities and in the Cardinal Virtues. But, faith as a virtue implies an unwillingness to change. Prudence does not have much time for anything like that. Life is about change, and any firm belief you might hold will probably be broken at some point. Whether it is a belief in family… a faith in friends… or an unbreakable faith in your own talent. Unyielding faith implies a strong level of Pride that Prudence just can't accept. Nothing is ever one hundred per cent certain, so faith in a world like this? Is pointless. As a point; this is why she has called her shotgun Faith. It's purpose is not to fail her.

2) Hope - Hope is based on the premise that reality will eventually work out in your favour. Things will inevitably tend towards the better, and the world will not ever become too terrible. Hope, for Prudence, is the same as complacency; too close to Sloth. Hope enables people to just pray for the best and not actually work towards it themselves. Don't ever assume that the world is going to work out for the best. You will just be disappointed.

3) Charity - Charity is a nice ideal, but the world doesn't let us have it. In reality, even if you give something for nothing, you are secretly expecting gratitude. There's no such thing as genuine altruism, as far as Prudence is concerned. Charity is just a veneer on a lie. It might be a comforting lie, but you shouldn't pretend you want something for nothing. Better to just be honest about it. Everyone wants something. Everyone is selfish. Just be clear with people and the world will be a much better place.

Prudence on Sins

As important as embracing the four Cardinal Virtues and seeking to embody them, is rejecting the seven Cardinal Sins and doing all she can to keep them out of her life. Some small facet of each is inevitable, just in living ones day to day life. Banishing them from ones actions is a daily struggle, but so is the fight to hone ones magical prowess.

1) Pride - The most dangerous sin, and the one most tempting to an Adept. Pride is the sin of self-confidence run amok. It is hubris, taking oneself too seriously, and demanding unwarranted self respect. Pride is the sin that Prudence hates the most when she sees it in other people, and she works hard to keep it under control with her rude and crass behaviour. Pride is insidious. Recognizing it in opponents allows for a serious flaw which can be exploited, and making sure not to fall prey to it herself gives her a strong advantage on others.

2) Envy - Another dangerous sin and one difficult to avoid, being a former ganger. Envy is the sense of unfairness that someone else has something that you do not. It is also the drive to make yourself seem better than you are by making someone else look bad, and thus inspiring jealousy in them. One must be humble, and accept that there are always going to be people with undeserved riches and power in life. There is no point dwelling on it, and getting hung up on how good other people have it distracts you from the things you should be grateful for in your own life.

3) Greed - Greed is not about getting your fair due, it is about wanting more than that. Demanding more than you are worth because you want more of something. Power, money, respect, it doesn't really matter what one is greedy for, only that they are being greedy. Greed is, in many ways, an extension of pride. But you can exploit a persons greed far easier. One shouldn't try and take more than they deserve, and if they do, they should be ready to pay for it. That is the simple crux of the sin.

4) Lust - Lust is desire. Like greed, but often sexual in nature. It is more about physical gratification can material wants. Lust is dangerous because an excess of pleasure distracts from the other duties in life. The body should work in harmony with the mind and the soul; lust is what happens when the body dominates.

5) Gluttony - Relatively easy to avoid, Gluttony is about consuming too much. Somewhat similar to greed, but where greed is about taking and having, Gluttony is about consuming to excess. Gluttony can make a person weak and feeble, it can trick people into believing they need more than they really do, and it is easy to be tricked into believing you need more. It can undermine discipline and self control simply because people overestimate the amount they need to be comfortable.

6) Sloth - Not a vice that Prudence has ever had the luxury of indulging in, but one she is vigilant against. Sloth is the temptation to do nothing, to grow lax and rest on your laurels when you've achieved something. A worthy life is one of continual growth and development. If you stop and allow yourself to grow complacent, you'll be overtaken. The Devil makes work for idle hands.

7) Wrath - A hard one to avoid in a violent life. Wrath is about anger run amok. It is the antithesis of Prudence and Temperance. Those virtues hold a proportional response to be the most valuable thing. Wrath is about overindulging your sense of righteous indignation. Inflicting too much pain, even death, when it is not necessary. Wrath is hard to avoid, but Prudence does her best to make sure that she always justifies her actions in line with the situation, to avoid going too far.


>>>>>[ Relatively new on the scene, but competent enough. Perhaps not the best choice for jobs that call for tact and diplomacy, but she'll have your back in a fight. ]<<<<<
- Eastwood 3:16 (14:21:24/02-05-70)

>>>>> [ Wow, this lady is -fast-, I have seen spirits go slower, really! We got attacked by a toxic spirit and she was a blur with that shotgun of hers! Oh, and I like her hair a lot too.] <<<<<
-Little Raccoon (06:39:01/05-8-70)

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