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"Even the most sordid of ops can be civilized with a touch of elegance."

Birth Name Elvira Chatham
Aliases Vivian Lane, Vera Cinderford, Vivienne LaCroix
ArcheType GunFace
BirthDate February 28, 2045
MetaType Elf
Nationality United Kingdom


Often works with fellow Brit hustler Les and the Warrens auto chopper, Rollo Doorhz
Proudly jumped into the Omens MC
Rumored connections to Regional Special Project Director Consuela Gallarda of Aztechnology and Suen Qiang, a local Triad boss


Sensitive negotiations and diplomacy, as well as private commercial services
Close protection and counter-protection
Versatile list of secondary capacities in areas such as defensive driving and lock breaking


The almighty nuyen
Keeping open options for a comfortable retirement
Cheerful self-destruction

Shadowland Threads


>>>>> [Had a letter of introduction for this one, and since she hasn't done me wrong. Finds ways to get what's needed out of teammates, it seems. And a crack shot.] <<<<<
-Les (14:32:11/05-09-73)
>>>>> [She's been a valuable asset to me a number of times, no matter what job needs doing - but she never goes over the top. A good asset to know.] <<<<<
zib.hcetza|83acsot-#zib.hcetza|83acsot- (17:04:08-24-75)-

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