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"Even the most sordid of ops can be civilized with a touch of elegance."

Birth Name Elvira Chatham
Aliases Vivian Lane, Vera Cinderford, Vivienne LaCroix
ArcheType GunFace
BirthDate February 14, 2042
MetaType Elf
Nationality United Kingdom


Red Dragon Triad, via connections to underboss Suen Qiang and finance whiz Trevor Chang
Proudly jumped into the Bad Omens MC
Rumored connections to Regional Special Project Director Consuela Gallarda of Aztechnology


High-risk negotiations and diplomacy
Confidential access to markets
Close protection and counter-protection
Linking contractors to suitable jobs


The almighty nuyen
Keeping open options for a comfortable retirement
Cheerful self-destruction

Plot Hooks

Posh has been known to don dark suit and sunglasses and hire run teams. If you are hungry for work, Posh is known to have a rather extensive network of contacts who needs things done. Just don't be too surprised if you end up doing dirty work for British arms manufacturers, the Red Dragon Triad, or one of Denver's smuggling syndicates…

Posh is a rather established shadow fixer. She is probably strongest in vehicles and parts, SINs and Matrix info, communications, surveillance, and electronic security gear. She also has decent connections for the fixer mainstays like firearms, ammunition, cyber and bioware, and arranging for cybersurgery, but she might offer a referral to another fixer for the most exotic items in these areas.

Posh has been seen representing the colors of the Bad Omens Motorcycle Club on her Triumph Tempest in the company of fellow members Macro, Blackheart, and Oz, and it's rumored that a couple of rather daring road jobs have been organized and accomplished by that crew to their own benefit. If you're seeking connections with Denver's baddest biker gang, she might be someone to drop an enquiry with, given her other business ventures, though it's not like the other Omens bite. Except Macro. He bites.

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>>> [Had a letter of introduction for this one, and since she hasn't done me wrong. Finds ways to get what's needed out of teammates, it seems. And a crack shot.]
- Les (14:32:11/05-09-73)
>>> [She's been a valuable asset to me a number of times, no matter what job needs doing - but she never goes over the top. A good asset to know.]
- zib.hcetza|83acsot#zib.hcetza|83acsot (17:04:08-24-75)
>>> [This one dipped a toe into the Denver shadowscene years ago and she was capable enough. Recently she's returned, and it seems she's done some continued professional development in the meantime. I'd now rate her among the best runners currently available in Denver. Broad skill set and a determination to get the job done any way necessary are defining features.]
- Rusty (14:33:27/12-04-2080)
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