Name Unknown
AKA Popper, Ferryman, Reaper,
Kairon, Toymacher
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Elf
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate Oct. 10, 2010
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"M'name's Pops, like I said. My specialty is guns, explosives, tactics, strategy, logistics, and other aspects of military mayhem."


Popper looks like an old man until you notice the ears. Then he looks like an old elf with short grey hair, obvious cyber eyes and a lot of scarring. He's an average height for an elf, but heavily built for his metatype.

Distinguishing Features

Scar from right eyebrow to jaw, bisecting his right eye.
Heavy scar tissue around neck.
Heavy scar tissue along spinal column.
Heavy scarring on the back.

Mannerisms and Habits

Wears black fatigues with patches removed.
Always armed.
Will not knowingly kill an innocent.


Aces and Eights mercenary unit (Disbanded)
31st UCAS Infantry "The Hellhounds" (Disbanded)
Samuel Thayer (Intrusion specialist, Deceased)
Silent Feather (Rigger, deceased)
Kero Keroppi (Samurai, MIA)
Benedicte Passetempo-Thayer (Retired)
Innocenti family
Sucreasi family
Owner/Operator Pops Operational Security, Gepetto's Toyshop


Weapons master

Master armorer
Master smith


Background is largely unknown. Spent several years in military and mercenary service, including the 31st UCAS infantry "The hellhounds", and the mercenary force known as "Aces and Eights", both now disbanded. Arrived in Denver Nov. 2061, lived in Blackbird Park for the first few months after arrival. Shortly after finding more permanent living quarters zombies began crawling out of the ground in the park while he was visiting. Popper spent about an hour defending a small hill in the park while civillians fled the park. Subsequently aided in putting the 'honored dead' to rest by returning their honor in the company of Samuel Thayer and other members of the Denver shadow community. Continued to serve the Denver Community through various 'grey hat' methods including, but not limited to, assassination of those individuals presenting a threat to the innocent.

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