பிளம் (Plum)
Real Name Mathangi Arulpragasam (மாதங்கி அருள்பிரகாசம்)
AKA Plum / Habibi / Anjali / Jayanti / Melissa
PurpleDrank / Rielle / Anjithaa / Yolanda
Jyoti / Kalavati / Kali / Parvati / Yvonne
WitchParfait / The Deer / 데어 무는 (Deer Chomper)
Nationality English
Ethnicity Tamil (Sri Lankan)
Metatype Human
Natural Hair Color Black
Natural Eye Color Brown
Height 169cm(5'6")
Archetype Ganger — Street Samurai — Instructor
Birthdate Jan 21, 2043
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OOC Readme:

I take literally everything I do regarding martial arts seriously. I try to be as realistic as possible when I deal with ICly teaching, and all of my poses regarding the maneuver I have chosen during combat.


She appears to be a rather thin young human woman of tamil descent with a darkened skin complexion as if she had recently spent a large amount of time in the sun, and large brown eyes that are framed by kohl to highlight them. Her rather thick, solid black hair is quite shiny as it barely manages to hang down to her shoulders, and is held back by a rather simple dark red hairband that keeps the majority of her hair out of her face, aside from a very small amount of stray hair around her hairline. She wears a fair amount of make up on her face, most noticeable of which would be her burnt umber lipstick and a rather small amount of black kohl around the edges of her dark, brown eyes. In terms of jewelry, she doesn't wear very much aside from two rather large golden hoop earrings, a single, tiny golden studded piercing through the outside of her left nostril, and a very simple bindi of somesort resting at the bottom of her forehead, practically between her thick black eyebrows. On the left side of her neck, printed in bold, black ink, she has the word 'Pilam' tattooed onto her body in Tamil lettering.

Her body is rather thin with an ample posterior and a rather large chest for her body type. When closely examined, it is easier to notice that the muscles spread throughout her body are rather nicely toned, as if she works out regularly, though often having the appearance of an average woman in her mid-twenties. Her hands are a bit scarred as if she works with rough objects daily, especially around her knuckles, which are somewhat darker than the other portions of her hands, though it isn't very noticeable from a casual glance.

On her body, she wears a dark pink unzipped hoodie that has a rather odd flannel pattern covering it aside from the black that makes up the lining of the hood and the bottom of it, as well as it's plain black zipper. From it's appearance, her hoodie seems to be rather thick as it is slightly puffy over her upperbody. Underneath her hoodie, she wears a bright, pale yellow shirt with the words 'STAND why SOME' written in very large red letters down the front of it, which is rather easy to see, considering the fact that her hoodie is almost always worn open. Underneath her shirt, she wears what appears to be a rather plain white undershirt. Covering her legs, she wears an extremely tight pair of black skinny jeans that cling to her form nicely as they lead down to her rather bright yellow high-tops with red midsoles and pink laces.
She appears to be 169cm(5'6") tall and seems to weigh about 64kg(140lbs)

(Snatched from one of over a hundred descs. It -very- frequently changes, including the hair in the first block of text.)

Distinguishing Features

Very often, she wears a tiny round black bindi at the bottom of her forehead, just near her eyebrows, and her brown eyes have been outlined by a thick layer of kohl. The length and color of her hair tends to change quite often in some way or another, possibly leading one to believe that it isn't -all- her own. She speaks with an English accent that has been heavily affected by common cityspeak of the UCAS, causing her to sound like an English woman that seems to be quite ghetto in the American sense. Also, she has 'பிளம்' written on the left side of her neck. Aside from that, not very much.

Mannerisms and Habits

She quite often ends her sentences with the words "Yeah" or "Y'know" and frequently tends to softly laugh for some reason or another unless she is in a very serious situation or something similar.

Though it is rather hard to catch her smoking anywhere other than a bar, she does have an almost unrealistic, controlled addiction to 'Noblesse' cigarettes.

She is quite a selfish person. If someone is involved in something bad, most often, she refuses to get involved unless she is getting something out of it.

Instead of calling her bindi a 'bindi', she tends to use the term 'pottu'.


Jaya's Hair and Nails: Having been partial owner of the store, the Plum used to manage the storefront from time to time, and conduct all different sorts of business in the office, and various other parts of the building.

Smoke: Her top student in Muay Thai and former love-interest.

Nikhil and Aishwarya: Her two children, fraternal twins, prematurely born November 24, 2070. During the their short lifetime, they had spent most of their time being taken care of by their father, and various babysitters that have been former contacts from Jaya's Hair and Nails. She doesn't really pride herself on trying to be a `good mother` or anything.

Crimson Smoke: Gang that she makes efforts to avoid after they had placed a bounty of somesort on her while randomly trying to kidnap her for some reason or another. A few months after the incident, a few loose associates that wanted to claim the bounty without ratting out their ‘friend` had devised a plan to free her from prosecution from the gang, by providing them with an unknown woman that has a very similar appearance to the Plum, which apparently worked as they don’t seem to be on the lookout for her anymore.

Colfax Boyz: Very minor gang in a lower income section of the UCAS that borders the Warrens. For a large portion of her life, the Plum had belonged to this tiny gang. After leaving, the gang had issued their self-coined term of `SOS` (Stomp-On-Site) whenever the other members were to see her, though one particular member of the gang actively defies the order, even going as far as to deal with her regularly.

Reyes: Former pimp.

Baron: Former pimp.

Katral: Regular customer for various drugs.

Aside from a few exceptions, to her, everyone else is simply a 'loose associatate' in some form or another.

(More coming soon!!)


She is a quite athletic person that generally prefers to take jobs that lean more toward simple wetwork, bodyguard or security duty, courier work with smaller packages, extractions (willing and unwilling), theft, and any other sort of job that could possibly require her skills with small arms, electronics, or martial arts, as long as it isn't too high profile.

She is a competent instructor of Muay Thai, and is rather quickly studying to become capable of properly instructing others in a style of Judo with a few techniques derived from Aikido. Recently, she had also begun to study Bajiquan, as well as Piguaquan.

Very often, when she isn't acting as a runner, her main method of making money consists of performing various different oddjobs that she more than likely isn't qualified for, often advertised as plumbing or ‘doing someone’s taxes‘. Occasionally, when money becomes tight, she acts as an ordinary, low-class prostitute, or sells various different sorts of drugs to all sorts of different clients, though she doesn’t make very much money from it.

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