I'm just your friendly neighborhood spiderhacker. I work around Denver doing odd jobs for various clients who want discreet services…no, I am NOT a whore. I run the matrix for a living and find data for pay and clients, most of the time I read, sometimes I write and so far I've not been caught.

I suppose that it runs in the family. You see my father worked over at a Fuchi datacenter back in the day and mom was a CAT girl growing up and spent most of her time, before she met dad, slinging code up in Quebec and running look-see at the occasional Ares op for the corp. I'll keep the details light just to protect the guilty. They met up at some conference on the 'trix, hooked up and kept in touch. Good thing they got each other's number too, as when they hooked up; so did I.

Mom had to leave CATco quickly, or was fired(I never have found out which),as there were some messy politics going on at that moment and her being pregnant really did not fit in with what the higher-ups had planned. She got together with dad and lived in his place.

Of course Fuchi didn't look all that well on one of its programmers living with a former decker from another Corp and it was only a matter of time before dad got fired; so mom worked with pops to get, well call it, elevated access to the databases he was working on and smuggle out enough to make a nice nestegg to raise a family on. After the end of nine months I came along and the rest is history.

Ok, so it's not exactly history. In fact, mom, dad and I've all done our parts to make sure a lot of what has happend doesn't get into history or many other databases. Lets see… I spent my early years in the CAS down near Austin, but I don't remember much, apparently dad had some friends from college down there and I got some of my first bioware before I turned six. Actually, that might be why I don't remember so much, or dad might just have been teasing me.

The first place I remember living was out near Raleigh, North Carolina CAS. I'm not sure what mom and dad were working on, but I think they were working. There are a lot of research campuses out that way and I remember we had to leave in a big hurry just before my thirteenth birthday, lucky thirteen, heh! Anyway, before that the place was sweet, I had friends people I remember were nice, and I don't think I was on the 'trix…for more than a couple hours of the day.

All three of us are 'trix addicts at heart. That I know is in my genes, ok perhaps not encoded but ..you get the idea! I was hacking my way out of my playpen even as I was learning shapes and colors, and given that mom designed my matrix play programs I'm pretty sure that pen was made to be hacked.

Mom wanted me to be a hacker; perhaps she knew I'd never be able to get a real sin and wanted me to be able to work in this world without one. I think she also liked the thrill of it, and working on getting into places she shouldn't be. Mom always encouraged me to hack and work around problems and programs, but I got my punk side from dad.

Dad was the discipline side of my family. He was very Japanese in some ways and was always pushing me to perfect my technique and learning at what ever I was studying. He took me to dance lessons and made sure I knew how to fight properly. He also gave me my first deck-basically an avatar with extra hardening and protections.

I always did well in school. It was the one thing that mom and dad always agreed on. I could hack near anything else but even try to cheat at school and they came down hard. I had to learn it right and do the work, with a few exceptions due to politics, mostly from dad as he read more anarchist downloads.

I got into MIT, fake sin and name, but the test scores were more or less real. I bet I had stricter security on my entrance tests than any other student. By then I had my jacks, and my mnemonic enhancer, got my encephalon my second year for my 21st birthday. Looking back with my class scores I probably could have gone legit, just sign on the dotted line with some corp… but like I said I'm no whore.

I did really well in school, except I managed to get a boyfriend who was as good at hacking as he was at stalking and he managed to blow my cover before graduation. The sheepskin just isn't worth it when the Star is waiting for you at the end of the ceremony. That's when I got the real corporate offers, and believe me some of them were tempting. I would have been a well-paid whore, but I'm sure a well caged one at that. I also got other less kind offers. I think it was Fuchi that sent the extraction squad; hope Lizzi, my roommate, got out okay. I'm pretty sure that was just nerostun.

So my college career ended with a more literal bang than I had hoped for. I thought about heading out to Seattle, but we'd stayed there once and mom had gotten on some toes before we left. So after some quick thinking, and luck I found myself in Denver. An old friend of Dad's came through with the IDs I needed, although that was a BIG favor, and I managed to score up some equipment to replace lost resources and my old deck. A year later here I am! Ready to hack!

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