Name Paul Costello
AKA Pigeon, Bird, Roger Goldberg
Nationality UCAS
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Ex-PI, Ex-DocWagon HTR, Ex-Husband
Birthdate late 2020's-early 2030's
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"Everybody needs money. That's why they call it money."


….Security Video Uploading…..

Grainy low-light enhanced camera shot on loop repeats the same five seconds over and over again: A man of average height and thin-medium build in his late 30's or early 40's. His salt and pepper hair is oiled and slicked back, framing dark grey eyes. A small scar sits across his adams apple and he sports a well trimmed goatee with flecks of grey. Wearing a sports jacket and slacks, he takes cover in an alleyway next to what looks like an office building. He pulls out a large revolver from a holster and squeezes off a round into the street then looks up at the camera and squeezes another round.

The camera shot goes black.

Distinguishing Features

Cybernetic left hand. Thick New York accent.

Mannerisms and Habits

Known to have dry humor that can rub people the wrong way and smokes hand rolled cigarettes. Known hangouts are The Cybered Arms, Cool Cat Club, and Franky's Sports Bar where he can be spotted drinking Ol' Yamatetsu bourbon.


Has been linked to one Daemon Starks in the past, though claims to be a "free agent". Few other known associates of mention.


Generally known in criminal circles as a go to man for theft, investigative work, medical patch-ups, info brokering; a relatively amoral gunsel who's done a few extractions/body guarding, and as a proxy representative for persons. Considers himself a "finesse man".

Rumors and Reputation

Reputation: Discreet. Tough. Reliable. Outside the Box. Team Player, but no retainers. Strongly not interested in attracting "on the job attention" (ie:Shoot everything in sight and get on the 6 O'clock news)

Rumors: Allegedly from East Coast NYC Megaplex. Pigeon's penchant for being thorough and efficient in his planning and backup planning, security consulting, and "managing of assets" has landed him on the quiet side of the Shadows with steady work. Has been looking to join a "professional club of like-minded people with individual talents". Allegedly Ex-DocWagon. Excellent Poker Player.

Activity: A man without a paycheck.

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