Phoenix Jade

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Everything Burns

Name Tang Lanhua
Aliases Phoenix Jade
ArcheType Kung Fu Adept
BirthDate Oct 30 2063
MetaType Human
Nationality Birth Place: Chinese States: Sichuan
Heritage Tibetan

Standing barely five feet tall, this young Chinese woman is packed with lean, powerful muscle, from strong shoulders and arms to toned, powerful legs. Her almong-shaped eyes are a red-tinged dark brown, and her blue-black hair is often worn up in a coiled, braided ponytail.

The woman's clothing is simple but elegant. She wears simple synthsilk pants with practical walking boots. A leather belt encircles her waist, and she wears a red sleevelees blouse over her torso - made of a hard, plastic-like fabric, a light and socially acceptable piece of armor to protect her upper organs. The outfit is completeled with a light, synthsilk jacket printed with a rising phoenix in yellow, orange, red and blue upon her back.

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