Paulino Michael Lucciano

"Move like a bee, sting like a butterfly."

- Pauly, 2067

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Paulino 'Pauly' Michael Lucciano
(AKA: Pauly, Reed, The Pulse, Rex)
Description:The Pulse is a dark-haired bombshell of a man. Hair black as void, flawless olive skin, eyes bright like blue stars. He has handsome features, perfectly formed; almost like he's been sculpted out of marble. He has broad shoulders, and a powerful build, tall and strong, with muscles that seem to have muscles of their own.
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Italian-Irish)
Vitals: 6'8, 290 lbs, Black Hair, Blue Eyes
DOB: October 30, 2041 (Boston, Massachusetts)
Nationality: United Canadian and American States


Distinguishing Features: Pauly's smile is legendary: that kind of million-nuyen grin you see on tridstars and politicians, a mixture of perfect teeth and carefully planned sincerity. He's also almost always dressed in custom-tailored armante clothing: he has his own clothing line that he occasionally does commercials for.
Mannerisms and Habits:The Pulse is a big, imposing man, and knows it. He peppers his speech with the occasional Italian word or two or bit of street slang, but tries to give off the impression of incredible wealth with flashy spending and expensive, generous gifts. He can be found around town in the best clubs and bars, and frequently at the Medievo Casino.
Associations: He used to own the Bare Knuckle, but now it is rumored he has a controlling interest in the Aurora Academy of Self Defense. The rumors of his mob connections seem to have proven correct - he is often seen in the company of the don of dons, Aspuna Innocenti, often acting as his personal bodygayrd. however, he denies even the existance of the mafia. He has a staff working for him, including his own personal leg breaker: Reed, is also known in the shadows. Reed is a monster of a man, unafraid of any villainy, from murder to kidnapping to stealing mothers from babies. The smooth speaking triggerman, Colorado, handles most of his acquisitions, and the warrens-born ork Hector that keeps his relationship with orktown running smoothly.
Capabilities: A devastating fighter in close combat, Pauly is rumored to know both Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai in addition to his picture-perfect boxing technique. He is a proficient driver, and an expert shot with a variety of weapons - yet he prefers more social solutions when he can.
Rumors: Scuttlebutt hints that the Pulse is beginning to lose control of something. Random short-term memory loss, sudden mood swings, a tendency to stare off into space. Flagged as increasingly dangerous to those around him.


Pulse's background is a matter of public record. The illegitimate son of (reputed) mafia power player Paulo Lucianno, Pauly dropped out of his Boston prep school to pursue a career in boxing. He eventually attained the title 'World Heavyweight Champion,' and retired after he finally lost the title. Since then? He's been a businessman in Denver, making friends and gaining influence at an astounding rate.


"Sometimes we have to be more than men. Sometimes, fratello, we have to put our swords away. Sometimes… sometimes we have to make peace. Let us make peace, you and I."
- The Pulse, 2068

"It's not who hits first, it's who hits last."
-The Pulse, 2069

>>>>> [ Boy spends as much time out of town as in it, these days. Still, did you hear where he's been lately? The Mano with the Plano's been fighting in the Russian circuit, earning a new title for himself: Heavyweight Champion of Siberia. He's gotten quick as a tiger and harder than a coffin nail: he's got that hunger in his eyes again. Good to see it, but... what's he up to back in Denver? ] <<<<<
-BoxingFan (12:55:02/02-09-70)

>>>>> [ Wait a second, didn't this guy get blown up? ] <<<<<
- MadHatter (6:16:43/02-11-70)

>>>>> [ They tried. It didn't take. ] <<<<<
- Eastwood 3:16 (19:20:21/02-14-70)

>>>>> [ The Warrior Reborn. Make no mistake, this man is harder than a coffin nail and twice as bad for you. There is a lot more going on upstairs than most people think with regard to The Pulse. Never **ever** mistake him for dumb muscle or a goomba. Now that he is free from his personal demons, The Pulse is much more focused, and it will be interesting to see if he makes his own path or follows the one that blood has laid out for him.] <<<<<
-Silk (09:01:24/02-12-70)

>>>>> [ A man who knows his limits and knows how to utilize people and resources around them to overcome them. He punches hard; But that's just the raw edge of his capability. He gets a little overconfident when he is sure has has won the battle of the day -- that's what led to the aforementioned 'blowing up'. One of the few operators in Denver that might just value honor more than cred. Though, I think Starks would disagree: Word is he's felt betrayed by his brother since he wouldn't help in the Cuban War, and has basically excommunicated him from any family business.] <<<<<
- Tinman (8:16:43/02-11-70)

  • > >>>>> [ I had the 'fortune' of getting into the ring with this man down at the Bare Knuckle. I can tell you this: He doesn't know what pain is; He's built like a truck and hits only slightly harder; and he's got no reservations about hitting a girl. But what can I say? I'm just a sucker for that smile.] <<<<<
  • > - Rat Girl (10:28:22/02-27-70)
  • > >>>>> [ Lucky you, I haven't had this 'fortune' just yet. One of my idols, this guy is truelly one of a kind. Although we troll's are not his type to teach he has took time out of his day to help me and help improve my boxing. Somebody who doesn't have to give a damn, gives a damn. True respect for Pulse!] <<<<<
  • > - Effektive (06:34:18/04-01-70)
  • > >>>>> [One of a kind, in so many ways. Most of them positive, too.]<<<<<
  • > -Aquis (04:38:01/04-16-70)
  • >
  • > >>>>> [Dunno. I think the 'champ' is loosing it. Did you ever notice how he never seems to be able to get a fight in the ring anymore? And what this thing with him having a 'house accident'? Fuck he blew a shady job 'n got taken out, that's what it is. Damn he's probably getting old...]<<<<<
  • > -Watcher (04:38:01/05-25-71)
  • » >>>>> [Hey, watchface. The champ never fights in the ring anymore because he's retired, and, unlike certain superstars of centuries past, he chooses to stay that way. Sides, ain't anybody out there worth fighting anyway. No, way I hear it is that one of his ex-lovers put something nasty in his whiskey.]<<<<<
  • » -BoxingFan (04:40:01/05-25-71)
  • >
  • > >>>>> [He's baaaack... from outer space... he just walked into his gym with that sad look upon his face... should have changed that stupid lock, should have BLOWN HIM UP BETTER. Should have STAYED DEAD, Goombah. Shoulda just stayed dead...]<<<<<
  • > -WeRemember (03:11:33/10-23-72>

>>>>> [A long forgotten relic from another era. Sold the Bare Knuckle to some two-bit ork gang, hasn't been seen in years, likely has advanced dementia. Or so the rumor goes.]<<<<<
-Import/Export (07:06:41/11-17-74>

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