Name Page
AKA Jeffery Page
Nationality CAS(?)
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Enchanter
Birthdate Dec 20th, 2039
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"I think that focus can be arranged… for the right price."


This man in his early thirties stands a little over five and a half feet tall. He's caucasian, but well tanned. Freckles dot his skin underneath the dark hair on his arms. His hair is a rich brown tone, like fertile earth, and flows in a gentle wave over his head. His face's features are indistinct at first guess, but the high cheekbones, freckles on his face, and just a hint of red in his hair might point to Irish blood somewhere. His eyebrows hover above his warm brown eyes, blending into the tan of his face. A smile often lurks about his lips, when he's not distracted by something.

He is dressed in well-cut clothes, with solid cloth that looks speaks of substance. Black slacks hang down just so, the poly-leather shoes poking out from under them. Over that he wears a plain shirt made from the latest synthetics, a slightly darker color. All this is wrapped up in a long cream colored cloak.

Distinguishing Features

He often wears a small collar around his neck with a pendant under his shirt, and bears a couple magical tattoos that are only

Mannerisms and Habits

Page is quick of eye and of judgement, drives a hard bargain and oscillates between friendly and cranky depending on if he's been cooped up in the lab for the last month or not.


Page is known to have close ties with Slinger, one of the more powerful mages in town.
He often has a white tiger named Ourrez hanging around, sometimes even minding the store for him. Rumor has it its his familiar.


Page is among the finest enchanters in all of Denver. He runs the High Arcana and serves in primarily a support capacity, refining orichalcum and selling it at discount prices, making foci, enchanting tattoos for people, and occasionally serving as a Johnson when he needs some rare material component.

Current Runs

Black Hole Safety Zone - The black fog around the Wells Fargo building.

Rep Comments

>>>>>[Gonna say that despite being an arrogant prick and convinced magic is solution to every problem, Page of Staves is very very good at that solution.]<<<<<
- Nacht (23:02:35/02-07-70)

>>>>[ Magic is the solution to every problem. Don't forget your articles. ]<<<<
- Page

>>>>>[Called Page by some, or Sir with an air of awe, this man is The Maker in Denver and indeed most of the West. An artist of astounding grace and skill, his enchantments are some of the best in the world. He combines knowledge of magic with love of his craft. If you are lucky enough to have been gifted with some of his work, treasure it. You are in a unique club.]<<<<<
- Silk

>>>>>[ One word, and only word word is needed for his works: Masterful.]<<<<<
-Aquis (13:02:35/02-26-70)

>>>>>[ Great artisan I guess, but... unless you can take some heat, especially the magic kind, stay away if he has a job to give. Tends to be real wierd stuff. I once joined one of those runs and I still dream about it. And I am talking nightmares here. If it hadn't been for my chummers, I'd 've be dead troll meat, then.]<<<<<

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