Low-light microcamera still of Norman outside the Cool Cat
Name Norman Conrad
Aliases Mr. Charles, Norman Edwards,
Charles Connor
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Birthdate 2030s-2040s
Archetype Infiltrator
Themesong Norman's Theme (remix)


"Depends on who you ask. The guy's a chameleon. Looks 25-40 years old. I've heard he's 175 to 185 centimeters, probably 70 or 80 kilos. Light build. Hair and eyes vary by description.
Most people say brown hair blue eyes, some say black and brown, who knows. Everyone I asked said he's a sharp dresser, sort of the pretty boy kind."

Distinguishing Features

"Might have a mole on his cheek, might not. Could be a leftie or a rightie."

Mannerisms and Habits

"Polite. Quiet. Got a little bit of a stutter according to some. Talks like an American; some guys said he sounds like a Brit. One said Quebec. I'll get to that in a minute.
Throws around military lingo once in a while. Might be a smoker."


"Very friendly with the bar and restaurant types, knows a lot of 'tenders and waitresses by name. They like him 'cause he tips good, nobody said he throws money around like crazy, though.
I heard he's been an off-and-on regular at the Cool Cat. Lots of people see him at Franky's. Typical lunch and dinner shit. Goes to the gym downtown a lot. The guys I talked to there say
he's pretty serious about it."


"*snort* I dunno, being some boring square from the city?"


"Ok, this is the fun part. See, you ask ten people about him, you get eleven different answers. A bunch say he's like, a hot-shit techie at Draco. Some say he's a rich bum.
Some think he owns some kind of business but nobody knows where or what. Or he's just some middle-management corper that talks out his ass to impress girls. Whatever.
Anyway, the guys who say he's a Brit says he claims London, the others, Indianapolis or Baltimore. Fifty-fifty, or close enough at least. I pulled what I could off the 'Trix, pretty boring stuff.
Definitely not a Brit or at least, hasn't ever been there that I could see. There's a couple things in France, looks like a two day trip or so, very normal. Couple hotels on the East Coast,
a car rental, food, whatever. Boring. Nothing in Denver before February this year, and since then it's all rent payments, food, so forth. Shops at Gadgeteers a lot. That's all I've got on the prick.
Now will someone please tell me what's so important about some fucking square-ass hip from Downtown?"

>>>>> [I've seen this guy around the Cool Cat a lot, real friendly with the waitresses if you catch my drift. Word on the street he's got a "consulting" company called The Simmons Corporation. "Consulting" my butt and smells worse. What's he doing hanging around that downtown fixer "Knox Import/Export"? I buy black market drek off of that dude.] <<<<<
-Paranoid Android (11:45:07/11-20-70)

>>>>>[No way this guy isn't a player. He's been seen with too many of the right people, in the right places, doing the right things. Oh, and then there's this. Buddy of mine picked it up on a sideband scanner while out on a job. Right place at the right time. Word of warning to you slow-witted fraggers: disposable phones? Yeah, not as secure as you think.]<<<<<
-Phagen (22:56:11/12-17-70)

>>>>>[This man's dead. Ex-KGB from what I heard, or ex-Interpol.]<<<<<
-Knox (22:56:11/07-19-73)

>>>>>[Charles, if you're out there. We need you back.]<<<<<
-Knox (08:45:11/02-19-74)

Microcamera photo of Norman at an unknown location in Denver
Cellphone photo of an auto-banker surveillance tape
Cellphone photo of a UCAS passport query
Surveillance tape, male on right believed to be Henry Knox

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