Nine Lives

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"…for Great Justice!"

Name Nine Lives
Aliases 9-Up (by Cassidy), The Little Injun That Could (by Cassidy), Doctor Broad (by Plum), Doctor Lives (by Gnosis)
ArcheType HOUSE WIFE and RETIRED RUNNER (MedicalMage, ShadowTech, SocialOps)
BirthDate November 7th, 2041 (Nine looks like a human woman in her late 20s but already hit her 39th year!)
MetaType 1/2 ELVEN (paternal) + 1/2 HUMAN (maternal) … (Human for Looks and Stats)
Nationality UCAS Citizen: Legal Doctor, Licensed Paramedic, Registered Mage


Warrens Clinic at the Bare Knuckle Gym
The Haven Project and Jaya's Salon,
Silver Handers (Fist Full of Silver Crew),
B-Team 4Life! and Yoska Brothers Circus


Not a cybered-up rigger, Nine belies most stereotypes: she is a getaway driver of legendary skill who can allegedly handle big rigs rolling down mountain switchbacks at 85m/s and big sedans as if they are rally cars. She loves cats, often radiates Elf-like charisma, can somehow fixes 20% off street prices.
Her athletic abilities on the dance floor (and DDR machine) and singing voice are also some of her noteworthy traits. She prides herself on helping in small (but convenient and useful) ways and knows a lot about cooking, cleaning, massage, escapology, and steganography. As a primary member of the awesome B-Team! and the FFoS crew many years ago, she knows many unique contacts and can fluently speak multiple languages!
While her moral codes are too complex to be given a hat type, she can sometimes be convinced to fight ruthlessly for "Great Justice!", as well as in self defense or to safeguard others. Otherwise, she will refuse wetwork runs against unknown targets until they are proven guilty of unforgivable evil.

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>>> [Naive, but if you can convince her that there are 'bad guys' doing 'bad things' she'll get it done for you, and probably with a discount.]
- AstralDecking (20:43:59/02-07-70)
>>> [Mistaking idealism for naivete can be bad for one's health. Just sayin'.]
- Eastwood 3:16 (14:17:22/02-09-70)
>>> [If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, lays eggs and hatches ducks… then it's probably not a Paraduck.]
- ZeroCool (14:18:12/02-09-70)
>>> [Mhm. Was pretty green when I first started, yes, having basically come from a 'normal life' into all this but a year ago. I would, though, like to hope that some credit can be given for having survived it all, even if it has used 7 of my 9 lives, that things can be learned over time… That having ideals does not mean one is oblivious, just that the person has purpose and goals for which they are willing to strive strenuous lengths to acheive, and that 'naive' is not exactly a permanent state of being. Eccentrism is, perhaps.]
- Nine Lives (14:20:09/02-14-70)
>>> [Shouldn't you change your name to Two Lives then?]
- CookieMonster (21:43:32/02-14-70)
>>> [Maybe, but as per the way of Cat, I am too lazy to!]
- Nine Lives (23:37:41/01-02-71)
>>> [Her versatility is vast. Beneath the bubble is a very complex, very deep individual that uses this cross-domain knowledge in creative applications. She is an accomplished medical professional to boot, if none of the rest speaks loud enough to you.]
- Aquis (14:43:59/02-26-70)
>>> [Seconded and hereby added to: Nine Lives is a highly capable mage and healer with few equals. She can reliably run as a mundane without anyone the wiser which goes to prove the levels of skill she possesses. Do not let the B-Team past deceive you, if those rumors ever were true. One of the best in town.]
- Wire (XX:XX:XX/05-24-74)
>>> [Still a li'l' whimperin' slitch! Booooo! Scared again much? Fraggin' ha ha ha! I'll come for you!]
- Queen Bee (04:34:12/05-26-74)
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