Nina Reynolds

"Explain again why I'd take this job if there isn't a profit margin in it?"


The human female you look upon stands shy of two meters in height. She doesn't look like a body builder by any means from the looks of her muscle tone and stature. Her dark brown hair falls down past her shoulders with loose strands that refuse to lay still against her head. When she is not wearing sunglasses her vibrant green eyes scan the world around her with cautious optomisim mixed with a healthy dose of paranoia.
This woman is currently wearing a thick black jacket, a green button up blouse and bluejeans over top black shoes.
She is relaxed in conversation and carries herself with an air of confidence that is reassuring to those seeking leadership but yet flexible enough so that others who think they're the big-dog in the room she manages not to be offensive towards.

Distinguishing Features

Long brown hair, impressively beautiful.

Mannerisms and Habits

Speaks her mind (literally with Mindlink), not afraid to use Shapechange, prefers not to kill unless forced.


Founding Member of Magical Group: Muse


Astral Patrol/Recon, Magical healing, Shapechange, Good Biotech skill, Elementals, Good negotiations and etiquette, okay pistol and stealth, mind magics and much more.

Name Nina AKA Ni
Metatype Human
Birthdate 11-26-44
Eyes Blue
Hair Long Beautiful and Brown
Height 5 ft 8 in
Build Slim and Sexy
Cybernetics None
Fashion Ranges Dramatically
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