Name Nightshade
Nationality Mixed
Metatype TROLL
Archetype Combat Mage
Birthdate May 25, 2054
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"Great, another damn squirrel…"


The young troll woman is only a hair over two and a quarter meters weighing in the neighborhood of 185kg. She is small for her metatype but solidly built with heavy calcium deposits on her hands and the sides of her face making her fingers appear clawlike and her face appear draconian. Her eyes are a dirty blue set below eyebrows that bear tiny boney spikes. The pair of horns that begin to show just behind her cheekbones run up and back from her eyes curling along the side of her head wrapping around her ear and tapering to a point just shy of the bottom of her earlobe. Her body, what can be seen of it, bears additional calcium deposits, stiff pieces that shift oddly underneath her clothing. What feminine curves she might have are distorted by these plates and points.


Excellent Close Combat, Decent Ranged, Some Magic


The only way a being can learn and evolve is by experiencing pain. You cannot learn from success, you can only learn from failure. It is the tricksters place to cause people to fail and to experience pain, it is her burden to do so in a way that will allow them to survive and learn from the process.

Personal experiences:

Trickster Shaman are not immune to the tricks the trickster plays, Nightshade experienced this first hand as she watched her home destroyed by the man they "trusted" to protect it when he switched sides in a corporate land battle. Nightshade took away the lesson that "The only loyalty you should believe in is your own." And now works to teach the corporation a painful lesson in why you do not trick a trickster. (long term goal)


The dark trickster is the quiet presence that watches laughing as reality scrambles to heal itself from the pain that life brings. It laughed as reality erred and the pure flow of energy was disrupted, trapped spinning in tight circles unable to run free the energy became matter and scattered across the whole of the void where before only pure energy ran. The trickster smiled as the trapped energy banded together, creating worlds and eventually another mistake life began, reality having not learned enough of a lesson. The trickster will be smiling still as the worlds go dark returning their primal energy and fading to the void. The trickster will laugh as the other gods and spirits fade, pulled back into nothingness, and when no light, no motion, no being exists save the trickster it will open it's hand, and with the last of it's being it will ask the stillness the same question it asked an eternity ago a wordless question invoking the source of all tricks, and of all existence, doubt. Given form in the human tongue it would sound something like, "Are you sure?" With nothing to reassure it, for nothing exists save that seed of doubt the cycle begins again, energy curling in on itself seeking answer to a question, becoming trapped in a circle chasing it's own tail and matter spins off once more into the void, and the trickster, reborn, laughs.

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