Name Nate
AKA Hutch
Nationality GBR
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Shadow-Op
Birthdate Aug 30, 2047
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"Fuckin' hell mate, that ain't pretty."


Nate is a human male of average height, around 5 feet 11 inches tall. Cropped dark brown hair and deep hazel eyes on a relatively plain face. He sports an afternoon shadow regularly which lends to a certain unkempt look that he might even be cultivating. His build is more wiry than anything but with well defined muscle. Generally found wearing jeans and a hoodie often with running or training shoes.

Distinguishing Features

No obviously distinguishing features. Until he speaks, a strong Mancunian accent colours his speech.

Mannerisms and Habits

Calls people 'mate' often. Can be found with regularity playing the harmonica on the streets, performing for the yen that people throw.


Regularly hangs out at the Angel's Delight and seems to associate with some of the Saints there.


He's new to the Denver area shadows but has some positive rep from a few well performed jobs. Happily takes missions requiring stealth, B&E and long range direct applications.


Has no known background in the Denver area shadows. Appeared in the Warrens one day requesting equipment from a small time Chinese fixer. Speaking Mandarin fluently in all his business dealings with the man which included organizing a new SIN for use during his stay in Denver.

Word on the Street

He did somewhat well in the recent Saints martial arts tournament, coming in fourth with serious competition from well known female fighting orks one of whom beat him almost senseless with a single punch. Has a rep for being tough, dependable, careful and hard-working. But has also been called cruel.

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