Name Nanashi
AKA John
Nationality Japan / UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Face
Birthdate Nov 2, 20??
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With his hunched posture, this stocky old Asian man probably isn't even five and a half feet tall. What is visible of his body is lean and firmly built, covered with skin that has become browned and leathery from years of exposure to the harsh urban outdoors. Lines and creases have formed a permanent look of sadness into his face, and his greying hair seems to have a will of its own. No matter which way it is blown or pushed, it immediately reverts back into an immaculately combed state.

Distinguishing Features

Despite his apparent age, he has not aged much since becoming active on the Denver's shadowscene. He has a strong accent which makes him easily identifiable by the second conversation. He also has strong arthritis that inhibits movement to a crawl and induces shaking.

Mannerisms and Habits

Mannerisms are clearly defined by his limited motion. Poor posture is a staple and fumbling with items a second. He seems to spend a lot of time reading in public, and is often found napping.


Has been associated with a number of talismongers and mages throughout his career. He has not been truly associated with any known group of runners, although he has shown no discrimination when it comes to them and other groups like the Mafia or Yakuza.


More than once it has been witnessed that he can negotiate and otherwise talk down a potentially bad situation. He seems to greatly prefer this to any form of violence, which he has been shown to avoid. He has been seen firing a pistol, but not very well.

There are conflicting reports as to magical ability and other capabilities. Occasionally there are mentions that someone matching his description is seen performing usually impossible tasks, but these can be put down to misinformation distributed by him. He may be actively using psychoactive drugs as a weapon.


He never mentions his past, although he does appear to show familiarity with a number of corporate areas. This could be a clue to his past.

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