Name Musara
AKA Aitashi
Nationality Japan
Metatype Human
Archetype Adept
Birthdate Unknown
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"I guess I'll never know why I'm here…"


A japanese male at about 1.7 Meters (5'8") tall, and 70kg (155lbs). The tone of his skin is a light cream color, just slightly darker than that of the average caucasian male. His head was round and squat, completely smoothed from all hair cover. His eyes sat somewhat deep in their sockets which caused them to show a shadow more than the rest of his face. Almond eyes, pulled some by his nationality tapered them into light crows feet in the edges, making them appear almost black due to the shadow and lack of visible whites; the Iris trailed around the dark pupils in a mahogany brown. The bridge of his nose rests between these eyes slowly tapering down into a fine pointed slope on his face. The nose on each side of the center tapered down to each nostril connecting just above his upper lip. His lips, small and pale pulled into an almost perfect straight line with a very slight downwards curve.
His head rests upon a rather average body, maybe just a little on the slender side. Narrow shoulders leading to sleek arms down to slightly larger hands; his legs mirroring the same pattern, only a little longer. Overall his shape was rather on the average side of a pretty fit condition.

The human has a black wrap shirt on his torso tied on his left side with a string in a bowtied knot. Underneath the wrap shirt is another shirt looking somewhat like a tee of a very dark grey. Below the wrapshirt is baggy linen pants which match the wrap shirt in design, and below them are shoes that almost look like socks, or at least give the freedom of socks.

Distinguishing Features

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Mannerisms and Habits

He tends to be kind and rather quiet when it comes to information. He doesn't like to be noticed much and likes to stay secluded to the Asian District of Denver.


The school wiped my memory of everything before I joined.. I don't even remember what my home city was, if I even had a city. I remember they told me to have a good nights sleep they would explain in the morning what I need to do, for now they gave me a uniform and a bunk room. I don't know if I really want to be here, but I guess that's what I have to do now.

The school explained that I wanted to join, I'm not sure I wanted to believe them or not, but like before it's what I have to do. They pulled my hair out by hand explaining that it helps you move better if your hair doesn't slow you down, they said to let each hair relieve any inner stress you may have. With all the pain from each pull I felt cleansed in a weird way but I feel more at peace with where I am right now.

After they fully relieved me of all my hair they gave me one more day to get used to how the school was laid out, but they told me to be sure and get another good nights rest before tomorrow when the work begins.

Today, they threw me into the fire I guess you could call it, I don't think anywhere exists that doesn't hurt. I had to learn to balance myself on posts switching between one and the other, while listening to the history of ninjitsu, anytime someone made a mistake they were on the wrong side of a whip. The lashes hurt but in just one day it seemed like they were less and less frequent. It's hard to sleep with the pain of the lashes still burning in your flesh I might not sleep tonight.

Similar routine as yesterday, but this time the floor was hollow and there were nails that creaked when you stepped too heavily, as well as glass shards across the floor. Not only did we have to cross it with the same punishment as last time for failure, we had to recite everything from yesterdays learnings of the history, and got the same punishment for any mistakes. I guess it's a good thing I didn't sleep, since I remembered most of the history, but it made it harder to cross the floor.

Back to the posts again with scars in my feet it was many times harder to focus on the goal and I ended up with even more sores on me by the time the day was over. I felt that I did good and I will push myself even harder next time.

Once again across the floors reciting history we've learned so far. This time I only messed up a few times, and I feel more at confidence with myself. It's a strict process but it works; I also feel like I belong here more than before.

Today was different, everyone was assigned to taiko drums. The student with the worst record was assigned to the loudest drum and we had to work on keeping our beat. The "Worst" student was unable to focus and it was so hard to keep task. Sensei explained that it was to remind us that no matter how much we work as a team, we also have to rely on our own instincts if we want to survive.

Throughout the past week we worked more on and off learning history, with the posts and floor crossing. I feel like my ability to do both has grown and I feel a lot more confident with it. At the end of the week we work more on the drums, as usual the worst student is put on the loudest of the drums making it hard to stay in unison with the other drummers.

Something new happened today, someone tried to escape the school, they failed.. I can't explain what happened I still see the blood coming from the body. They expected us to cross the floor after the execution, it was so hard to do.

At the end of the week I was put on the loudest drum, since I had the worst due to the execution earlier the week. It felt horrible to not be able to hold the beat for everyone.. I must not have noticed it but Sensei was there explaining that I was the one causing the team to slip behind, and that I need to further my understanding of the arts if I wish to succeed.

It's hard to believe a year has passed since I was introduced in this school other than the fact that my scars are just now starting to heal. There are still fresh scars being made but not as frequent as before. The scars show experience we learn to wear them with pride more than humiliation as the second year students start to funnel in.

They don't notice us, and I know why, but we notice them and remember how hard we tried back then. Now we have been assigned to use the shadows of the school, no longer do we travel normally through the halls if we have to take the most elaborate path, than so be it if it means we are hidden. That is our class now as well as the arena matches.

The arena is a dark place, nothing but a few patches of light, It's lucky to see movement during a match, All that's seen is when someone is out. When that happens they get shaped by Sensei's whip. The shaping guides us to know where our faults are, and we learn to get out of those habits. After the matches we return through the shadows to where we sleep. I find it difficult to sleep now, but I still get a little rest, I'd rather be prepared for anything, than to be helpless in this place.

Today we learned sometimes it's not shadows or walls that hide us, sometimes it's being out in the open. Sensei taught us that sometimes the easiest way to stay hidden, is to be right out in the open. We also learned how to mask ourselves and change our personalities so we could seem like a different person and act like one too. In addition to hiding in plain sight, I picked up on using sounds and misdirection to disappear.

Year three of being here, and we are now learning to fight with weapons. Everyone was given a weapon of Sensei's choice, as well as a blow gun, and two shurikens. He introduced us to the maker of the weapons and explained that if needed we could always come to him for replacements.

I held the Kusarigama I received in my hands and visioned myself with it, It wasn't what I would pick normally but I had no choice, again. Now our 'class' was divided into groups by weapon and we were sent with different masters on how to use the weapon.

A few months go by learning the weapons basics, and they already plan on us having to use practice fights with wooden versions of our weapon of 'choice.' With our teachers of the group. No matter how hard any of us tried we couldn't take our our teacher.

Today we had another match with our teacher, and something different happened. As I swung the padded wooden ball, the teacher froze with fear as the ball collided with his skull and he collapsed with a fractured skull. The blunt force of the collision was strong enough to break bone, and it was unable to be explained. I was worried I would be punished, but Sensei just seemed to shrug it off and nod saying it happens all the time, a student gains extra inner powers and is able to go beyond the normal teachings of the school, and from now on I would be working with Sensei on my own.

The thought of fighting the Sensei of the entire school scares me for two reasons, I don't want to kill him like I did the other teacher even if that was an accident, and I don't want him to kill me. I arrived at the arena, it looking like usual, and I was holding my wooden Kusarigama, He took it from my hands and handed me my real one "Your going to need it" the words echoed in my mind. The only thing he said after that was let go then he disappeared. I frantically searched for him and when I saw what I thought was him, I swung the metal ball off the end of the chain, it snagged and I jerked it back feeling my strength, no this was more than just my strength alone, but the chain didn't move. A hand appeared from the shadow for a second and next thing I knew I was falling to my knees disarmed then hit with the blunt end of a wooden staff of my own kusarigama, knocking me to the ground.

How did that happen, the strength was the same as that that killed the other teacher, but this didn't even affect Sensei. I was also in so much pain that I could barely see straight, but I didn't feel like the blow damaged my body in any way…

I must have passed out because I woke up under medical care Strange there was such a small room for such a task, and I had never noticed it before. Sensei came in moments after I awoke and explained it to me that the powers inside are magical, and that I have the same gift he has just with different abilities, I can learn to do more as time progresses but I must learn to control what I have right now. He explained when I am able to defeat him than I will be able to leave this school.

Tonight I slept in the infirmary, I had dreams of fighting sensei throughout the whole night, a lot ending in me waking in the bed. After a few of these dreams I rose to my feet and practiced trying to control the inner strengths Sensei had mentioned. I started feeling myself grow comfortable being able to use the powers inside of me and how they felt that I didn't even have to consciously use them any more.

Sensei had came in to me in the morning asking If I was ready for a new bout, and I accepted his challenge. Once again I had lost, but we actually had a match this time. He had congratulated me on my progress, and he had expected the change and the students that had went through this process had accelerated in their learning curve.

After a few months of fighting Sensei, I took a break and meditated deeply to find an answer on what I was missing in the bouts we had had. Almost the whole day of searching for the answer I was ready to challenge Sensei. I came up to him and he nodded leading the way to the arena. During the battle I readied my Kusarigama this time remaining in the shadows. I didn't move, it didn't even feel like I needed to breathe I was so concentrated in finding his position. When I felt his presence I swung the chain of the Kusarigama slamming into what felt like his arm. I could hear the crack of bone as the chain was ready to make a second pass; but as it passed nothing but air was hit. When suddenly I noticed the blood seeping into a patch of light. This was when I realized Sensei had been defeated…

I no longer know what I need to do to progress even farther as I sat in the arena wondering what to do a voice came from the darkness speaking, the voice was garbled and disguised and only spoke in short to the point sentences; it explained that I was ready and no more will I need the school in short abrupt sentences, I called out asking who was there when suddenly I felt a blunt force on the back of my head.

When I woke, I found myself in the middle of a hotel room, not even remembering after the battle with Sensei. There was a bag next to me, and I could hear a lot going on in the streets. My head was spinning, But I looked at the bag and noticed that it had my name on it. I tore off the tag and read the note 'you were drunk and had one hell of a night so we rented you this room, ask the manager about it when you wake up'. I opened the sack and saw my Kusarigama, blowgun, Shurikens and other various things, as well as two extra ID's.. I came to realize I was dropped off somewhere in the UCAS judging by one of the ID's.. hell of a far off place from where I was before.

I went down to the office and asked the manager about my room and she explained that a few guys had dropped me off and I seemed to be really drunk from the night before. She said the guys seemed pretty nice buddies and they rented me a room for the week. Well I guess I am thankful for that, but I still don't quite know why they dropped me off here, I guess I'll find out.

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