Name Mr. Terrific
Nationality Lone Star State
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype MAGE
Birthdate Sept. 30, 2045
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"I do not claim to be awesome or even superior. But I am Terrific."


Mr. Terrific has a well-shaven head, intense green eyes, and a lankily toned, whipcord-sparse physique that makes his long semitic face look sallow. Whether he's dressed in biker leathers and cowboy boots for low-class outings or rockin' the Armante with a Merlin overcloak festooned in the finest alchemical moons and stars, rattlesnakes are a theme of his be it his bolo tie, perhaps a ring, or maybe the snakeskin print on his cowboy boots. Occasionally, in the appropriate locations, his ally spirit in the form of a bluish-green glowing rattlesnake can be seen peering out from his shirtsleeve or from under his collar.

Mannerisms and Habits

Mr. Terrific can often be found at the Bare Knuckle Gym in the Warrens, where he considers himself 'good enough for a human, which is good enough to get beat up.' In fact, he spent enough time there that he finally bought it out from the previous owner, putting in some new security engagements and methods. (Random assault-rifling of the grounds has gone way down making the place something of a haven, to say nothing of the emergency medical clinic in the back room.) Rarely he can be found at the UCAS Pentabucks, where he soaks up the free 'trix access while working on spell formula with his Weapons of Math Instruction - protractor, compass, straightedge.


The League (of Extraordinary Gentlemen)


Mr. Terrific has moved into the semi-retirement stage of some Shadowrunners - keeping his hand in on occasion and coming out to be a player when things get hot and heavy. He calls himself a 'consulting wizard' - he's commonly known in the shadows to be able to hold four or five invisibility spells (good for sitting in the escape van and up-powering a beginning runner team) and to be highly skilled in compelling actions and speech. As a secondary function, he's a skilled conjurer and can, with a little time, put a truly absurd amount of elemental force on a target. Sometimes he displays strange knowledge no one could expect to have, while at other times he pulls out highly powerful foci of strange and unknown origin. He may be subtle, but not quick to anger.


Mr. Terrific has mentioned growing up in Texas and he does have the appearance of being a bit of a country boy - for all that he's obviously Jewish and follows an interesting mix of religious restrictions. But more than that he's a college boy. He uses big words, is conversant on history and philosophy, and has been known to dryly mention his dual Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and Applied Hermeneutics.

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>>> [T's got a heart of gold, and has made the Bare Knuckle Gym safe for a Keebler like me. Well, safe-ish. Well, at least, you know. Anyway. Good guy, even saw him jump down a sewer grate after a bloody vampire just to save some random girl he'd never met. And he often even makes sure he gets paid.]
- Posh (16:08:39/11-23-74)
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