Mordin Thane
Name Mordin Thane
AKA Phineas Waldolf Steel, Dr. Thane, Dr. Steel
Nationality Japanese
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Battle Doc
Birthdate \June 15, 2037
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"There are two things of yours I want. Information, or your cyberware. It makes no difference to me which I get, but I WILL get one, or the other. The choice is yours."


Mordin is a 1.8 meter tall man with pretty decent posture. He keeps his back strait and his shoulders back. His face is mostly hidden by a hood that he keeps pulled up over his head. What can bee seen in his face, is a rather nasty looking burn on the right side of his face and a lack of any hair on his head. His brow is creased in thought as a gloved hand idly strokes at the goatee on his chin. He caries himself with confidence, and seems to walk with purpose. His eyes seemed fierce and calculating,though on closer inspection, one may notice the ever so slight hint that they were artificial. All in all, he looked like nothing more then your average guy, if a bit unlucky.
He wears a long black secure long coat with a hood attached to the neck. The hood is pulled up to help and obscure his face from casual onlookers. The Coat seems to have several pockets all over it, their contents a mystery to all but the wearer. The straps of a harness of some kind can barely be seen beneath the coat. Nothing really stood out about his clothing aside from the slight bulge on both of his forearms. He wears a Plain black three button Polo shirt beneath the coat, The buttons undone for comfort. His pants are nothing special, just a pair of fitted Khaki slacks that look well tailored. On his feat, a simple pair of black sneakers.

Distinguishing Features

The right side of his face is badly burned as well as a few hidden burn scars around varying parts of his body. nothing that restricts movement, however. His right arm is a cyber limb, though looks mostly normal with the cyberskin over it. His eyes are also cyber.

Mannerisms and Habits

He smokes, he enjoys his tea, He loves to talk about anything that would seem of interest. Learning is something that is fun for him. On the flip side, he also enjoys time at the gym and a good sparing match. He wants to help people and even will patch you up in a scrape, just don't get on his bad side. The doctor has a darkness that his past and the shadows has awakened in him.


None to speak of yet.


Throwing knives and throwing weapons
Intel gathering
Field medic
Close quarters combat


Late at night, off in the Warrens, two gangers had met up in one of the many back alleys for a bit of conversation. It was the average talk of the night, recent activity among the gang, new members and how much they still needed to get their drek together and the like. They weren't here about their average business though. There were rumors going around about a new member to the shadows. One of em had info and the other was all ears. This is what transpired that night.
The tallest of the two gangers, an ork with a bit of visible cyberware, lit a cigar as he had just finished a grizzly story. It was about a double murder of a woman and her husband who had made the mistake of wandering around so late without much in the way of defending themselves. The shorter ganger, a human with various scars, looked around nervously as he felt that it was about time to discuss what they were there for.
"So, I been told that your the chummer that knows a bit more about this new runner some people have been talkin about. Exactly how much do ya know any way?" he asked looking sidelong at the ork. His nose wrinkled a bit from the smell of the foul smelling cigar. The ork simply smiled and blew a plume of putrid smoke in the man's face.
"Well, that depends, chummer. My memory, ye see, it gets a little clouded with the day to day events of life. There may be a way to straiten my thoughts out a bit, but that all depends on you." he said taking a moment to take another long draw on his cigar. The human frowned, but reached into his coat and pulled out a cred stick and programmed a number into it. He passed it to the ork who smiled widely. "Aye, that'll do quite well. Ah, yes, It's startin to come back to me now. Have a seat, boy, this is quite the story." he said before tipping over a trash can and seating himself on top of it. A black cat darted out from a corner and took off down the alley before he started his story.
"The man you have been hearing about goes by the name Mordin Thane, though he wouldn't admit to it these days. No one really knows his accurate age, but as a doctor he seems to have some experience behind him. Best guess would have to be around in his early 40's. He is your average jap really, not too tall but he has a bit of build to him. Most reports peg him as someone who works out. Not a whole lot of gut on him. He usually goes about in his work cloths, rarely goes out other wise. He seems a bit of a shut in most times, so not really sure what he wears on his off hours. I would assume street clothes or somethin. Any way, I hear he is a bit of a nerd, over evaluating things and the like. Even a bit creepy sometimes. I heard he was treating this one troll bitch and didn't bother really looking for a cure. He found the effects of whatever it was that was killing her "far too fascinating" to let the research go to waste. Them Shiawase dicks didn't even bat an eye. Probably just cause she was a troll" the ork mumbled angrily. he took another long drag from his cigar before tapping off the ash.
The human was tapping his feet nervously and cuts him off here "that is all well and good, but I am looking for more information about him specifically, his background, where he came from, that kind of thing. I could care less about the fragger's measurements and business practices." he said with a slight grumble.
The ork looked at him a little exasperated "Look, you paid me good cred for this info and I am tryin to give it to ya. so, si'down shud'up and pay attention before I change my mind and just take your head off and call it a day" he said rather threateningly. The human frowned and clenched his fists but just nodded and sat back, reaching for his own pack of smokes. "Fine then. Continue" he said bringing a smoke to his lips and lighting it.
Seeming satisfied, the ork settled back and continued his story. "Right, now where he comes from," the ork tossed a few papers on the ground between him and the human and they were quickly picked up and scanned over as the ork continued "There aren't any real deep details in there, but enough. The meat and potatoes of it though are that it was raining when he was brought into this mess of a world. kinda fitting to, his dear old moms died poppin him out. Guess the strain was too much for the old gal. Any way, the father was right pissed at life after that. Became a ragin alcoholic. That didn't stop ol' mordin none though. Kid kept right on studyin. Graduated top of his class to. His father probably woulda been proud of him had he not drowned the better half of himself in a whiskey bottle for the past 19 years or so. Word has it that he left his dad on his own to continue his studies. Decided he wanted to be a doctor. Something about how he didn't want what happened to his mom and dad to repeat if he could help it. Guess his heart was in the right place and all." the ork shrugged as the human kept reading along with the story.
"Any way, after leavin his pops to rot in his Sake, or whatever it is those Japs are drinkin these days, he went off to college on some grants he got from school. Classy place I hear. He studied quite a bit in medical background and even took on a few language courses. Never really got too fluent in em, but I guess he figured quantity was more important then quality. Which in a medical background makes sense. Better to know a few words then none at all when dealin with all kinds right? Well, his high grades didn't go unnoticed. seems shiawase caught wind of this guy somehow. They backed him on a few classes and a few of his projects even interested a few of the higher ups. After he graduated he was almost immediately taken into their payroll. These guys were serious to. They gave him training, and funding, even access to some of their good stuff. He was hired on to help with their medical tech team and even popped in to check out a few of the hospitals to help bring in funding for their research. He was quite an amazing kid at the time." he takes another long drag and looks over at the human "You keepin up with me so far, chummer?" he asks with a tusky grin.
The human looked up from his papers only long enough to give a light nod before diving back in. The ork gave an amused chuckle before continuing. "Well they had all the medical technicians they could use, see? so ended up transferring him to a place where they were always needin new help. That's when he first ended up here in denver. They got him to work working in their biotech research department doin all kinds of tests and the like. Some of which most people would probably consider, "questionable" so they kept a tight lid on most of it. Some of it got out though obviously, testing on meta humans, seeing what drugs could have what effects on different races at different ages and at different doses, even the experimental ones. Lotta black bags goin out of places like that. Any way that is really about all he did for a few years after that. Wasn't till just a few years ago that things took a drastic change for the doctor."
The ork takes a long draw from his cigar and continues on with his story, looking on in a bit of concentration as he tried to remember all the facts he could. "Seems the good doctor had a bit of a reputation among the higher ups. So much so, that a couple of them would often pay him visits to oversee some of the experiments he performed. One of them couldn't quite grasp the concept of 'look, don't touch' though. No one is really sure what happened, but what they do know is there was an explosion and a huge fire. The one exec was killed instantly, but the other was only lightly burned. unfortunately for him he was the only one still left in the room. everyone else had beat a quick escape the moment things looked bad. Mordin seemed to know this guy though. I guess feeling like he could help some, would you believe it, the fragger actually ran back into the burning room!" he laughs a bit at that part. "Crazy son-of-a-bitch. Well it seemed to pay off in the end though. He was able to get in there and yank that poor bastard out of the flames before he suffered too much damage. Few burns here and there. Unfortunately, his luck ran out with getting the guy out of there. No sooner had the exec cleared the door way, the flames had finally done enough damage that it caused the floor above em to cave in on poor Mordin. Took em an hour just to clear the rubble away to get to him."
The human looked up at the ork past his papers and raised an eyebrow "You talkin bout the same guy I am? The dude I am lookin for is still alive and causin a few people some grief. If this guy your talkin about is dead then how can it be the same person?" he asked seeming a little apprehensive. The ork looked at him and blew another lung full of the foul smelling smoke into his face.
"Do ya wanna know more about this character or not? I aint got all night to play twenty questions every time I mention somethin new ya know. And who ever said anything about 'im bein dead?" he glared at him a moment "So, can I continue?" he asked a bit upset. the man just nodded and went back to the papers in front of him.
The ork cleared his throat and cracked his neck "Alright, like I said, he wasn't dead, close, but still breathin. When they finally pulled his body from the wreck, his arm was toast. Seems a rafter tore it right off near the shoulder. His eyes were also gone. boiled right out of his skull, poor guy. He had some pretty bad burns on the rest of his body to. Over all he was a mess. They were just gonna pull the plug on 'im and let him die a hero for savin one of their execs. The one he saved had other plans though. Felt he owed him somethin. So, he put him on an experimental project. Installing one of their newer grade cyber arms, at the time. By today's standards it is just basic drek, but at the time it was top of the line. Even tossed on one of their best available mag-shields on the thing so it wouldn't go setting off their mad detectors every time he wandered around the building."
"They dressed his wounds, attached that arm, got some new nicely modded eyes for his head and just waited for him to recover. Took him the better part of two years to get readjusted to the metal arm and all, as well as recovering from all the other damage. In the end, he seemed to bounce back rather okay."
"After all the recovery time, they put him into some self defense classes and the like. At first it was just a type of rehibilitation. That, and it became a corporate norm for a lot of folks at that shiawase branch. The classes were basic, just trying to make sure their security wasn't the only ones who could fend for themselves in an emergency, but Mordin took it a step beyond. He kept with it and even paid out of pocket for some more advanced classes. Claimed he wanted to train his body as well as his mind or some drek like that. Any way during all that time he got pretty decent with a blade. Nothin fantastic mind, but he was no amateur any more. He got really good at throwin knives and things like that as well. Fragger could pull off some pretty damn good shots with them things. He was getting lethal."
"In fact, he even helped when a runner group ended up going through their department. He had a few scalpels on hand and some real volatile chemicals from some recent experiment. The runners did a number on the building as well as some of the employees there. Couple of the bodies were later discovered to be that exec guy that Mordin had saved before. Guess his luck finally ran out with out the doctor there to help him out. A few of his lab assistants were also among the bodies. Mordin was able to stop one of em with his poison scalpels and a spectacular throw from down a hall. Took the fragger's eye out and everything. He wasn't too happy when he found out what happened though. Turns out, he and that exec had become close friends after the accident. They had gone to a couple bars, and got all buddy buddy. Even set him up with a few bioware pieces to help improve his thinking and make it easier to understand and speak the few languages he knew. It was quite a risky operation, but the exec fronted it all himself. He was quite a guy. and now he was dead, Mordin wasn't too happy."
The ork took a final puff from his cigar before flicking it off into the night. It bounces once before rolling a little ways across the ground. It bumps softly against a shoe that belonged to a mysterious owner. The mystery man was ducked down behind a dumpster, listening intently to what was going on between the two gangers. He was slowly flipping a thin throwing blade between his gloved fingers as he listened to the ork continue "That runner didn't make it out of there after that. Rumor has it they turned him into some monstrous experiment, spearheaded by the doctor himself. They say he purposefully avoided using any sort of anesthetic. The guy was brutal. Any way, after that horror show was finished things started to heat up around the good doctor. Some of the higher ups were starting to feel "threatened" by the doctor and the skills he was building over the years. Put all that together with the added hardware he had been gaining, they figured it was about time he had an "early retirement" ya scan? Luckily for mordin, he had a few ears around him and one of em happened to catch a whiff of their plans and passed on the word. soon after that, they hadn't heard from him sense. He just seemed to drop off the radar. Which brings me to the runner your wonderin about." the ork says with a slight grin.
The human was on the edge of his seat, looking at the ork with this total concentration, clinging to every word "No fraggin way….he sounds like a beast!" says the human ganger. "Doesn't he follow the hypocritical oath like most doctors of something?" asked the human. the ork just laughed at that finding rather amusing.
"This ain't some professional doctor ya know. He is good, but he is more of a medical scientist then an actual doctor. The hypocritical oath means no more to him then a bible. He doesn't even seem to really have any sort of religion he clings to. closest thing he comes to any sort of spiritual enlightenment is his occasional trips to the opera houses. if this fragger wants anything to do with you, your best bet is to make yourself invisible and fast. If he finds you interesting, your as good as dea…" his sentence ends there and he just stops, mouth agape and starring at the human. He looked at the ork a little confused about what was going on. "Hey, hey you alright?" he reached forward and tried to touch him on his leg. No sooner had he done so though, he fell forward and landed on the ground in a slump, a silver throwing knife in his back.
He fell back on his ass feeling afraid for himself as he looked around the dark alley and looked up as he spotted a man lighting a cigarette as he walked towards him, his face hidden by the shadows. "Shame, I was rather hoping he would prove a bit more resilient to the chemical's effects and he would at least finish his story. It is quite fascinating isn't it?" the man asks as he nears within a stones throw away. more then enough for him. the human reaches around for his weapon and draws a large katana from behind him and holds it up defensively. "Who….who the fuck are you man?!" he yelled out showing a bit more fear then he probably should have.
"Me?" asked the shadowy figure pointing to himself. he chuckled a bit before drawing another small blade and twirling around before stepping into the light. He caught the blade at it's sharp point with practiced precision and looked at the man. He was bald, around 1.8 meters tall, and had a rather nasty looking burn on half of his face. the hood of his coat was pulled back so that it could be seen in agonizing detail. "Oh, no one too very important. Just the heroin of your latest bed time story is all." he looks at his blade as if contemplating something "Shame though, it was a rather good story. Pity you wont remember a thing about it." he smiled, and there was a flash of silver before the blade appeared protruding from the man's chest. It wasn't a deep wound, but the danger wasn't the blade itself. Rather, it was the chemicals that it was coated with that rendered the man unconscious like his ork companion.
Mordin walked up to the two men and sighed to himself before reaching down and picking up the scattered papers from the ground. He scanned over the pages realizing what they were fairly quickly and shook his head. He went over to a trash can and lit the pages on fire one by one until they were all nothing but ash in the bottom of the can. He returned to the men and pulled out two syringes from his coat. His last of their kind since leaving shiawase. He stabbed the two men in their arms and injected the liquid into them without a second thought. The Laes should take effect rather quickly and his work here was done. He smiled at another job well done. He reaches down and snags the credstick that the ork had with him and pockets the stick for himself. "Pleasure doin business with you boys. Sleep tight now, you're gonna need it." he said before reaching down and extracting the blades from the both of them. He replaced them in a side pouch and simply walked out of the alley. No one had been the wiser, and there was less info in the shadows about the new runner, Mordin Thane.

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