Name Molly Harper
AKA Halo
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Homo sapiens nobilis (Elf)
Archetype Razorgirl
Birthdate January 3, 2053
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Molly "Halo" Harper is attractive, even very attractive, but it's definitely in a trashy street punk way that's not to everyone's taste. She's known for an extensive amount of tattoos and piercings. She's short for an elf, curvy, and has a love for (or lack of ability to get anything better than) street fashions that wouldn't be out of place on a ganger.

Distinguishing Features

Her ever-changing hairstyle. The piercing beneath her right eye; the nearly-full sleeve tattoos on each arm; the large phoenix tattooed on her back.

Mannerisms and Habits

Known to be a heavy recreational drug user. If you can snort it, smoke it, inject it, inhale it, or even chip it, she's unlikely to turn it down. She's brash and unprofessional, a street kid with plenty of ganger loudmouth to her.


She is known to have run with the (now defunct) Tre Sixes gang in the Aurora Warrens growing up, and has shady connections to the darker side of Aurora street crime.


Your basic entry-level razorgirl. Not a lot of experience, not a lot of chrome.


Molly was born on the streets of the Warrens, and until recently, she'd never left it. She ran with the gangs growing up after her aunt and uncle kicked her out. Her mother died of an overdose when she was four, and she's been fending for herself since she was thirteen. She is known to have been an initiated member of the Tre Sixes go-gang prior to their violent disbandment at the hands of the Silver Angels, and afterwards dropped out of sight, though rumors about what she did to acquire the cred to resurface as a wannabe razorgirl are unpleasant.

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