Name Miko Karasu
AKA Callsign "Irae"(latin for Wrath)
Nationality Japanese
Metatype Elf
Archetype Adept
Birthdate Not Your Business
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"Of course I'm going to talk my way in, Im an elf, Short, and Japanese, I'm all the best Fetishes in one package, they love me."


Miko is a fairly short example of Homo sapiens nobilis or as most people just call them Elves. With pale skin and Japanese features shes abit unusual in that she doesnt advertise her race very much. Her hair is long and black covering her ears most of the time and her 5 foot 1 frame doesnt really show off elven height so thats not really at issue. She looks to be about Human age of 22 to 24 maybe with a slim toned frame like you would see on a Marathon runner or a swimmer.

Being Fairly short she doesnt bring up much of a threat with her appearance and since she dresses most of the time in a black suit she looks like she works in an office, Closer inspection though would show her movements are almost military in how smooth she walks and she tends to watch the people around her abit closer than a normal person would, like shes trying to pick apart what they could be capable of.

Distinguishing Features

She usually wears a suit, even in combat.

Blue etching tattoos over most of her body that glow faintly when she uses her powers or is annoyed.

Mannerisms and Habits

Miko is not a nice person…to most people. She will insult you for most of her perceived annoyances, She doesnt think vegetarians are people, and anyone who serves her soy will get threats of gunfire. But when she respects someone she is the picture of niceness.

She also has a distinct and solid form of honor, she doesnt rip off or try to backstab her teammates, If she thinks someone deserves a bigger cut she will try to get it to them, and she goes out of her way to avoid killing folks(though she does sometimes since…well…shes a runner)


  • Wanton scares the hell out of her but she loves the crazy chick
  • Indrakshi…ugh…I have a headache
  • Mr.T is…ok. Really need to tone down the 'oh im so awesome mageyness'


  • She is an expert with pistols and loves her Predator III which she had customized to her liking.
  • Miko is damn good at jobs that involve stalking or breaking and entering showing a mindset of 'if I had to shoot someone I messed up.'
  • a decently skilled actress she enjoys pretending to be joygirls and the like to get into places she shoudnt


Some known Bulletpoints

  • Miko follows the Buddhist practice of Vajrayana. Meaning her path to Buddhahood is based around Tantras and the education of others. Instead of personal restriction and the perfection of good qualities since all natural qualities are as intended. Mikos personal ultimate truth is the perfection of the magic she was born with. Reality proving she is closer to being a Bodhisattva.
  • Miko is not Japanese. She is Ainu. She doesnt really expect anyone to actually get the difference though and rarely brings it up.

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>>> [This little lady is quite the lass. Fun to hang out with, as adorable as they come, and just as resourceful and tough as anyone. Went on a run with her and she basically hauled me along for the ride. Barely had to do anything. Certainly the type I enjoy working with.]
- Thirty-Seven (09:17:31/11-17-74)
>>> [A cool, competent covert specialist. Worked with her on a job in a tight spot and I'd be honored to do so again. Still got that Starlight, the one with the hip slits?]
- Posh (08:03:54/11-20-74)
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