Name Merek Black
AKA Knight
Nationality UCAS
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype SHAMAN
Birthdate December 15th, Unknown
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This man stands at around five foot ten, while he has a lissome and a somewhat nice build to his form, and also skin which is dusky in tone. The male has smooth hair which comes towards his chin, the color which is like midnight and sable, although metallic-like tones, have been fashioned within that roguishly unkempt mane. He has eyes much like a brightened golden amber which shine with emotions. He often wears a pair of mechanic goggles which settle on his scarf.

He will often be seen with a smooth, black scarf, no matter what attire he has on, which is made with linen, that has rose-like patterns upon it, with golden tones that seem to have a holographic shimmer to them, that is soft and subtle the piece seeming to be quite personal to the one which is wearing it while it seems to be cared for as well as clean with a scent like roses to it.

Distinguishing Features

His gaze has a golden amber tone to it, and he often wears black attire.

Mannerisms and Habits

He really seems to like coffee and tea, and has a tendency to enjoy comfort and relaxation. He also can be found at both low and upper class establishments, though he seems to favor places that are simple. He also likes to visit places that have history to them also.


Ares Macrotechnology, Atlantean Foundation.


There is not much that is known on public record about the man, but rumors state that he is from Denver itself, and was once also in the employ of the UCAS Government. He seems to be a Shadowrunner with a specific goal in mind to complete. He is known for being on quite a few runs, which usually seem to be successful. He also seems to frequent middle class living, while his tendency is to eat and visit low and upper class establishments. It is also known that he is associated with Ares Macrotechnology.

It is known that in 2077 he traveled to Egypt and to Celtic lands, to learn more about them. He revisited places that he once took his duties to, and has returned to Denver. While the jobs that he is known to take are of the variety that are known to assist other people, recently he has taken on jobs of a more nice nature.


Combat Shaman, Shotgun Specialist, Face, Researcher, Enchanter.

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