"Is this magic? (looking at some tech device)"


Long black hair, braided into two thick braids frames a roundish young girls face with a cute snub nose, brown eyes and a thin lipped mouth. It's held up by a headband made of leather covered by snakeskin. A few feathers are afixed in her hair in a classic native nations way. Her skin is having a healthy youthful glow to it and is nicely tanned. Clearly she has been out a lot. The afore mentioned braids fall down onto her chest. She has the kind of faces that are hard to place into a special ethnic group and her young looks don't make it easier. At her size she is either a young child or a very small kind of dwarf, as she barely reaches the height of one meter.

She wears leathers. Clearly this is natural leathers, as they have the texture and the looks that no synthleather never can imitate. Currently she wears a leaver vest with short sleeves, the ends of those sleeves ending in long fringes dangling down, as is the lower end of the vest. It's clearly indended to be laced closed, but currently it's not laced up. Underneath that vest a leather sleeveless dress can be seen. It's front is decorated with quills and bone pearls in a quite amerindian like pattern. The dresses leather is very thin, was bleached white and almost falls like cotton. It ends mid thigh. Around her waist a leather belt is fixed with a knot. She features only very small breasts making her more than anything else seem to be no older than a young girl. Her legs are covered in similar white leather leggins with real leather moccasins on her feet.

Distinguishing Features

Gnome, lack of knowledge about modern technology

Mannerisms and Habits

A bit rough at the edges, due to having lived for years on her own and all too quick if it comes to ask questions about things she does not understand, which is quite a lot.


No known associations yet.


Having lived out in the wild for years on her own, she is quite adept at nature skills.

Name Melanie
AKA Cikala
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Gnome
Archetype Survivalist
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 1m
Build Slender
Cybernetics Unknown
Fashion Real leathers
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