Name Irinis Medaron
AKA Medaron, Mr. Med
Nationality Tir Tairngire
Metatype Nobilis
Archetype Face
Birthdate April 11, 2046
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"Last job had pie. I was really hoping I was moving up in the world. It was good pie, too. Pumpkin, I think."


Medaron comes to about 5'10, which isn't exceedingly tall or dashing but he manages to carry himself well in spite of it. His brown hair is slightly shy of shoulder-length, just past shaggy enough to be slacker but not yet long enough to be counter-culture or out of place at a party. Blue eyes are at once cavalier and jovial, never able to hold in his subtle distain for those around him. He is able to not look like a complete dick with his smile, which manages to radiate approachability and warmth.

His clothing is tailored to fit, an elegant Italian-cut business suit of grey silk that tapers with his body to great effect. A sapphire blue mandarin collared shirt is underneath, bringing out his eyes while the tan buttons match his hair. It's the sneakers that sort of throw off the whole look, black with white stripes.

Distinguishing Features

Medaron is constantly clad in only the finest clothing. Usually tailored to him, if you see Med in something that's off the rack, then you probably ought to check his temperature. He may be ill.

Mannerisms and Habits

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