Name Mayson
Nationality Unknown
Metatype Human
Archetype Rigger
Birthdate 2044
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"Sure…I can do that"


A shinny datajack in the back of his neck, with a VCR port above it. He stands perhaps just over six feet tall, and is fairly skinny. His hair is short and uncombed or covered with a baseball hat. He is pale and doesn't hold himself very well. He walks really stiff and sometimes with a very noticeable limp. From time to time a random limb or muscle will spasm causing him to shake a bit. His eyes are a dull brown.

Distinguishing Features

He can nearly always be found with some sort of cane, crutch, or sometimes confined to a wheel chair.

Mannerisms and Habits



He's a decent enough rigger, but it is rumored R&D is where he really shines.


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