Name Matija Wavolcki
AKA Blackheart
Nationality UCAS
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Gun-Mage
Birthdate Oct 31, 2049
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"You gotta be kiddin me!"


Matija’s a bit on the shorter side for humans, just under five and a half feet, depending on her boots for the day. She wears her hair dyed black, but her blonde roots show at times. It’s cut into a mullet, short on the sides and top, but down to her shoulders in the back, one area, just behind her left ear is backcombed into a dreadlock, with a little wrap of copper at the end, just to be fancy. Her eyes are usually hidden behind oversized mirrored aviator glasses, but when she removes them to tuck into her shirt collar, her eyes bear a featureless chrome finish lined with black eyeliner. She has soft lips and a small nose, with prominent cheek bones.
Her build is slight, not necessarily weak looking, but fit and thin like a long distance runner or someone who spends time at the yoga studio rather than the gym. She’s wearing a tangle of necklaces around her neck, everything from symbols of the comet cults to the flying spaghetti monster and the flaming wheel of her favorite battle bike racer. Her shirt’s an old black band shirt for some obscure Troll Thrash band, the sleeves are torn off, of course, and the collar is cut to show off a hint of cleavage. Over this, she wears her leather jacket. Chrome pyramids litter the shoulders with larger cones down one sleeve. Painted with obscure, arcane symbols, with logos from her favorite Thrash bands added for colour, the leather looks well loved, if a bit old.
Her hip hugging leather pants are tight, showing off her ass. With two decorative bullet belts crisscrossing her hips, Matija looks ready to party. Her biker boots bear a chrome chain over her instep and have a nice two inch heel.

Distinguishing Features

Matija's hair is styled after 80's rocker's mullets. It's also fibreoptic and often displays different things. Her eyes are also now chromed over, giving away their cybernetic nature and she's often seen wearing mirror shades.

She's recently gotten a back tattoo:


Mannerisms and Habits

Matija's pretty relaxed, and can usually get along with anyone unless they're particularly good at being annoying. She enjoys drinking and getting high when not on runs, and sometimes when she is on a run that seems like it will be easy.

She's developing a rep of walking away from jobs where it becomes clear that the client has lied about the nature of the run.




The Omens:


Magic, mullet, mirror shades, machineguns, motorcycles. Nuff said.


Originally from Poland, Matija moved to New York with her parents as a child. There, her parents joined a comet cult of some sort and she escaped, only to joined a bike gang afterwards. After a brief war with a rival crew, she moved out to Denver to escape the heat. She worked a few small time jobs, then disappeared for a while after her boyfriend was killed by the mob, only to re-emerge a year or two later with her current name.

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>>> [Matija's a rockin' rad cyber-mage? Is that a thing? Anyway, she's deadly as heck with her twin SMGs and she'll also bring in a useful trick or two for almost any given run. Would have this one along every single time.]
- Posh (11:01:04/11-23-74)
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