Name Nobu Yamamoto
AKA Rush
Nationality Japanese
Metatype Dwarf
Archetype Shaman (Dog)
Birthdate Feb 22, 2040
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"Don't touch that, or that…or that…as a matter of fact why don't you just put your hands in your pockets…"


At first glance you would have sworn this was a human child, perhaps in middle school. However when you take a closer look you realize its a small gangly male dwarf. He is quite attractive for his meta-type, having none of the usual exaggerated feature or stunted stature of the usual dwarf frame.

His hair is black, short, spiked and styled into the club scene style of the times. His asian features betray his heritage and accent his slightly pointed ears adding to the illusion of child. High cheekbones, narrow nose and thin lips accentuate his facial features and show almost an emaciated body structure.

A thin neck falls into a chest better described as a bird cage than a barrel. His torso is long for his height, and slides almost imperceptably into thin legs. His arms are long and gangly, hanging at his sides which make his hands seem even longer and thin.

He wears a black t shirt with random Japanese cartoon characters on it under a black hooded sweatshirt that is unzipped in the front. Black 'skinny' style jeans disappear into steel toed combat style boots and are held up by a black leather belt. The belt is clasped with a large belt buckle with a smaller version of the rising sun flag of Japan painted on the outside. His arms are covered in small bracelets with charms hanging liberally from the strands. Fingers are armored from the streets with all type of ring, silver appearing to be the metal of choice.


If you would like to have Rush as a contact please send me an @mail and we can discuss it. I do not mind at all and welcome anyone who wants to do so. I simply ask that we talk about it to iron out the relationship.


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