Marcus Pain
Name Marcus Pain
AKA Tank, Beer Bottle Basher, Knuckles, Heavy Hitter
Nationality NYC CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Muscle, Ganger
Birthdate Unknown
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A middle aged large towering muscular Human, built like a armored vehical in muscle. His dermal plating barried underneath his skin, tightening around like elastic in every motion. Straight long dark brown hair extending a little past his shoulders, his dark brown eyes just as intimidating as his size. His facial features are hard and concave, a solid structure of metal and bone. His skin a soft peach olive with a almost natural tan.
Tank usually is found wearing a soft white and brown plaid shirt underneath a dark blue with grey hood sweatshirt. Atop of all his clothing he wears a dark black leather jacket, tan and white strips run from the shoulders down to the sleeves, and acrossed the jackets chest. Dark black jeans sitting atop large steel toed combat boots. When his sleeves are rolled up one would see his arms are covered in tattoo's of all kinds of various arts. Along his hands are usually hardliner gloves, or shock gloves.

Distinguishing Features

None witnessed yet.

Mannerisms and Habits

Very violent indavidual, had a very short fuse and high temper.




Interrogation, Bodyguard, Fighting


Known to compete in various undergroud fighting rings.
Worked for NYC Crime family: Undo
Various small time contacts.

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