Malena Teixeira
AKA Malena
Nationality Amazonian/Aztlaner
Metatype Sapien
Archetype Ganger/Cartel Enforcer
Birthdate 2044
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Personal Information

All we know so far is that she's an ex-ghost cartel enforcer from South America, sent to lay low in Denver for an indefinite period of time.

Distinguishing Features

Electric blue mohawk. Obvious cyber-replacement of her left forearm covered in scratches and dents from previous battles. It would appear that she uses that arm in close combat quite often.

Mannerisms and Habits

Generally on-edge, twitchy, abrasive.


Los Sureños, La Venta (Yucatan rebel group), Olaya Cartel


Her favorite toy is a dikoted machete.

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