Name Malamute
AKA Dog Girl, Fang Face, Max, Maxine
Nationality Algonkian-Manitou Council
Metatype Human
Archetype Mercenary
Birthdate July 14, 2046
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"Man, he was yellin' so loud, and I think there was even a tear or two. Don't see why though. All I did was chew off his finger."


Smooth, dark brown hair is neatly combed back behind large, bat-like ears, and ends at her lower back. The ears are covered in a velvety layer of black fur, lined with brown, and a white spot sits in the middle of the right one. Her face is smooth, with a somewhat long forehead, high, angular cheekbones, and heterochromic eyes perched above a downward-sloping nose. Coppery skin marks the woman as an indian. She's a little taller than most members of her gender.

Covering the upper half of her body is a white t-shirt with a vicious looking Beware Of Dog logo. The text is in black, and there are a couple areas where the lettering has flaked. Fangs encompass the logo to make it seem like the words are inside of a dog's mouth. Worn over that is a denim coat with inner linings of fleece. Its slightly faded and rather plain aside from the dreamcatcher insignia sewn into the left lapel. Black leather pants hug her long, toned legs. Chromed metal loops weave in and out of the pantlegs, sometimes interlocking with eachother.

Sticking out from under the coat is a tail that's two and a half to three feet in length. Thick fur gives it the appearance of being four inches in diameter, patterned with wide rings of mauve, bright orange, and pale yellowish green. Large high tops covered in scribbles and paint stains keep the woman's feet safe from the grime of the city street.

Distinguishing Features

Bat ears where human ones should be, a fluffy, sorbet-coloured tail, and sharp metal fangs. Brown and icy blue heterochromic eyes, similar to her namesake. Almost always seen with a worn out denim and fleece coat.

Mannerisms and Habits

She will smoke vanilla or clove cigarettes on occasion and rarely partakes in alcohol. The girl doesn't have many vices of her own, but does tend to push others into trying 'the good stuff'. Her colourful tail puffs out quite a bit whenever she's under stress. She's been known to act uncomfortable and distrustful towards Italians.


Can be seen out and about with a certain soycaff-stained Russian elf, often referring to him as 'her bodyguard' or sometimes just 'her elf'. She's rumored to have connections with a web of BTL dealers and producers around the city.


Well suited for theft, smuggling, and quiet bodyguard work. She's not too choosy about other jobs though.


This freaky out of towner arrived early in the year of 2070. Rumored to have carved out a little niche for herself pushing certain 'wares' on the less willful citizens of Denver, although she's rather new to the shadow scene.

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