Name Mafen
AKA Will, Tinman, Bricks
Nationality TTN
Metatype Elf
Archetype Tank
Birthdate Unknown
Weight 299.2 kg
Height 2.28 m
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"Thank you for your cooperation."


Mafen is a comically oversized elf, standing a little over seven feet. He's built like a weightlifter except without an ounce of fat on him — and the musculature just looks horribly unnatural, not seeming to move in conjunction with how muscles should twist and move, like they're basically cosmetic. His neck is thick and his hands are like the size of honey-baked hams, with huge fingers as wide as pill bottles — must make using any normal finger-sized objects quite a pain. His eyes are a pale blue, with a faint digital pattern recognizable in them, a constant stream of text in an impossibly small font painting across the irises. On a run, the eyes output his current status as a medical monitor; Green for optimal, yellow for damaged, red for life threatening, and they print out important status conditions. His ears are rounded off and you wouldn't even know he was an elf if not for the oddly angular and smooth facial features. He's an odd sight. His hair is kept in a trim cut, almost military, black and his skin has a light tan to it, even throughout. He's remarkably free of any scars anywhere noticeable on his face or hands — not even a from chicken pox as a kid.

Distinguishing Features

Grooves and and ceramic sockets line various points around his torso and at the junctions of the arms and legs — other than the bulk, the only clue that his skin is synthetic.

Mannerisms and Habits

A lot of the time it almost seems like he's on 'autopilot', just moving along like a humanoid drone. He's curt and well-mannered generally, though occasionally shows signs of some instability that might be the product of psychotropic conditioning.


Mafen has a long-standing association with the rigger Tanasen, who he has aided and been aided by quite a few times. He maintains connections with many of the players within the shadowscene of Denver.


Mafen's skin is just a synthetic covering simulating skin. His 'skeleton' has been entirely replaced with a dense and incredibly resilient hyper-alloy of unknown construction. In plainclothes he's as durable as if he was wearing a suit of heavy milspec armor; He's been hit with four claymore mines, rocket launchers, full auto fire from a minigun, dropped out of an airplane, hit by a truck, set on fire, and swallowed whole by a meta-creature without seeming to really be damaged by the experiences. Antivehicular ammo still seems to do a number on him, as does armor-piercing, but even when his shell is compromised he seems to have no sense of pain or the common sense to slow down and an amazing recovery rate. Known to be an excellent shot with expensive and illegal laser weaponry.


Access Denied. CLASSIFIED

>>>>> [ I hear all that 'ware in him caused one hell of a wicked cancer sometime last year. Spent months in a vat getting cured, I hear. They had to pull some stuff out of him -- I wonder if he's still as durable as he use to be?] <<<<<
-Indian Giver (12:07:18/01-03-70)

>>>>>[Sometimes called The Robot, The Tin Man, Robby the Robot, or That Fragger, but regardless you better talk to him with respect because he earned it. One of the true full 'borgs running the street, Mafen is virtually immortal and invulnerable, having survived rocket fire and magic, falls from terminal velocity and impacts from semi-trucks. Cross him and your life will end in a flurry of laser fire as he computes your relative use to the planet and just how many picoseconds it will take for him to end you. A technical wizard, this man-machine uses his extensive knowledge of computers and electronics along with his artificial frame to take on any number of 'impossible' missions.]<<<<<
-Silk (No Time/02-12-70)

>>>>> [I heard he's a close personal friend o' the Pulse and his associates, too: rumor is he's even worked for the eye-talian peacock as chief of security. Rumor is the same people that made him the monster he is put Pulse back together, as well... I wonder how deep the connection goes?]<<<<<
-BoxingFan (12:01:18/02-12-70)

>>>>> [I wonder if all his bits are... augmented? I'll have a bottle of WD-4000 waiting for you, Tinman...]<<<<<
-Roboluver (No Time/02-12-70)

>>>>> [Mafen's gone to an extreme with his cyborging. The only way you can cram that much junk into your body is with delta-grade cyberware and some really top-notch cybersurgeons. I understand he ran hardcore with the Judas crew and that was where he got all his upgrades. All this means that there's plenty of groups gunning for the big elf borg -- just 10% of his carcass puts someone on easy street for life.] <<<<<
-Sticks [15:17:23/02-12-70]

>>>>>[ Yes, but most techniques you would have to use to stop him would also render the 'ware practically worthless, except for salvage. ]<<<<<
- Johnny Silverhand

>>>>>[ The delta in him, studied even non-functional, could spell riches for a standard cyber corp that got ahold of it. I hear it was Yamametsu that built him. ]<<<<<
- Defiant

>>>>> [He ain't the only fullborg in the FRFZ.] <<<<<
-Cen (15:40:12/02-12-70)

(>) Yeah, but you ain't in the FRFZ any more, are you?
(>) The Trickster

>>>>> [I'll be back.] <<<<<
-Cen (16:11:23/02-12-70)

>>>>> [Well I'll be damned if that fella don't look jus' like an old toaster of mine. Wonder if they is related?] <<<<<
-BillyBobBadass [15:49:07/02-12-70]

>>>>> [ Competent and highly dangerous - but that much metal replacing flesh extracts a price far beyond mere monetary wealth. I'd question the sanity of anyone who'd willingly submit to so much modification even before they let some butcher replace large portions of their brain with chips and wire — and their soul with metal and plastic. ] <<<<<
- Eastwood 3:16 (16:22:03/02-12-70)

>>>>>[ Heh, I think someone was just flapping their lips a bit too much. Hope they got off the 'net without their MPCP setting off the fire alarms. Well, actually I don't care much. Remember kiddies, not just shadow types peruse these profiles. ] <<<<<
-EarthMage (20:47:55/02-13-70)

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