Name Morgan Collins
AKA "Lost", "Morgan"
Nationality UCAS
Metatype ELF
Archetype Hermetic Mage
Birthdate Jun 17, 2054
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Standing about 1.9 meters and change in height, this elf is around average height for a member of her race. A curtain of midnight black, bone-straight hair falls to about mid-back, a stark contrast with her porcelain-white complexion, and is currently worn loosely, her silken locks free to sway with her movements. Though her hair often ends up covering her ears, when it doesn't, they're shown to come to a prominent point, both lobes pierced, with an additional three small hoops worn on the helix of the right. Her eyes are hazel, set beneath dark, finely arched brows, and have a certain warmth to them, perhaps suggesting an open, approachable nature. This might be somewhat at odds with the rest of her features, as she's nothing short of beautiful, even for an elf. High cheekbones, a small, symmetrical nose, and full lips result in a countenance that wouldn't be out of place on the cover of a haute-couture magazine.

Mannerisms and Habits

Typically friendly and talkative when engaged, though she does at times vacillate more toward the 'aloof, reserved elf' stereotype. Unflinchingly polite in most situations. Her speech patterns tend to be formal, though laced with about as much profanity as one might expect given her age. At the same time, though, she uses considerably less slang than one might expect. Tends to dress down in looser, baggier clothing to downplay her figure.


A full Hermetic with a few initiations under her belt, Lost is a skilled spellcaster and conjurer. Astral Recon and Overwatch are her main strengths, though she's always trying to improve her skills and add new ones. She has a lifelong, passionate interest in all things magical, as well as a burgeoning interest in paracritters and the paranormal in general.


Originally hailing from Seattle, Lost has been in Denver for a number of years now. Much of that time has been spent idle on the sidelines, but perhaps that will change…

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