Little Hawk
Name Little Hawk
AKA Sandra Little Hawk, Runs In Daylight
Nationality ???
Metatype Human
Archetype SAMURAI
Birthdate Nov 1, 2044
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"The world will tell you what you need to hear, if you will keep quiet long enough to listen."


Not many people find it easy to remember Little Hawk.

It's not that she's particularly ugly, she's just… plain. Standing at around five and a half feet tall, her native american heritage is clear, though she doesn't take any particular effort to emphasize that quality, either. A soft wave of brown hair frames her features, and from that ragged mop peer a pair of dark eyes. Standard Brown Iris No. 23 for those who have the particularly sharp eye which is necessary to spot it.

She doesn't look like anything special, physically, either. Though it is likely a little difficult to make out specifics underneath the modest clothing she wears, there is a definite nudge towards the athletic rather than the curved. The girl doesn't have a great deal of muscle buildup, but there is a definite athleticism to what is visible, the sign of someone who has done an awful lot of running over the years.

Distinguishing Features

She has chipped one of her front teeth. That this is the most distinguishing feature might say something about how exciting she is to look at.

She does use a very special rifle, though. A Remington 950 which has seen a lot of customization, most notably wood effect panelling all over the weapon, which makes it recognizable as her own, and this trademark has become more associated with her work than her face.

Mannerisms and Habits

Little Hawk has a dark sense of humour. She's also easily just a little bit racist against trolls- those guys are scary. She does her best to control it, but she can never really shake the feeling that any troll is looking at her like a meal.

When working, though, she is the consummate professional. A good job is one in which the target never even knows you were there. She doesn't have any qualms about utilizing lethal force, and she generally expects lethal force to be used against her. The only thing which makes her really worried is magical security, as she believes she has enough experience dealing with the mundane that she can try to think her way out of it on the fly should it become a real problem. When working, she can often come across as cold, calculating, and perhaps a bit paranoid. Though, rarely, a hint of that dark humour might crop up again.


Rumours persist of ties to the Saints, as she is often seen hanging around the Angel pool hall, and that she might have something to do with the mafia. She's never spoken about either.


Little Hawk is a hunter by nature, and that carries over into her preferred work. Though she is more than capable of doing infiltration and protection work, she's most at home when targeting an individual, either for retrieval or assassination. She's got experience in multiple other areas which can be handy in shadowrunning work, including field medical experience, disguise and camouflage, and of course, tracking.

There's no doubt that she's best suited to violence, however. Able to adapt to long range with her rifle, short range with a pistol, and close combat with a survival knife. A good job, though, is one that ensures you never even have to worry about taking a bullet, in her opinion. Not that she's afraid of getting dirty should such ideal conditions be unavailable.

She's also a fantastic taxidermist. If you need a precious pet preserved forever, look no further.


Little Hawk doesn't talk much about her past, except in the vaguest of terms.

It's a familiar story, to most, anyway. The daughter of a police officer, Little Hawk grew up and rebelled under the influence of her friends. Particularly one girl, called Suzi, with whom she still shares a close relationship. By the time she left school, she didn't really have much in the way of legitimate prospects. The only stuff she'd really enjoyed was hunting, and there wasn't much call for a professional hunter in legitimate society.

Bounty hunting, however, was a bit more profitable. Of course, when you start down that slippery slope, it isn't long before you realize that you aren't going to get anywhere without the kind of high powered modifications that real professionals rely on to give them that extra edge. It also isn't long before you start owing a bit too much money to the wrong sort of people in order to fund those modifications.

At least, it's just a few short steps if you are Little Hawk.

It was easy to rationalize the hits- after all, if the people hadn't done anything to deserve it, they wouldn't have such high prices on their heads. The money was a big help here, too. The fact that Suzi was drifting more away from her in favour of her less dangerous Saint buddies, and that the cyber she was relying on to allow her to compete was really changing who she was, seemed somehow less important than living in the moment. She was good at what she was doing, too. The work was easy enough, and the pay was excellent. After she'd paid off her debt, it just seemed stupid not to keep doing it.

Eventually, needless to say, it all came crashing down. She still isn't sure precisely how, but she was forced underground, having to abandon her old life and her old SIN. Now, she seeks two things. The first, is the path through life that she intends to walk- as she seems to have forgotten that. The second, is revenge on the people who took her old life away. That, however, she is more than happy to wait for. There are more immediate concerns to worry about.

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